7 Benefits of Buying an Inflatable Kayak

Do you like spending time out on the lake or river? Are you trying to get more heavily invested in water life? If so, you should consider buying an inflatable kayak. 

Curious as to the benefits of the inflatable kayak? Then read on. We're going to cover them in detail now. 

1. Easy to Carry

Not a fan of lugging around a big, bulky kayak? If so, you would probably be better suited with an inflatable kayak. 

See, when in action, inflatable kayaks are comprised largely of air. Because air weighs less than plastic, wood, or metal, inflatable kayaks are much lighter than your standard solid kayaks. 

As such, inflatable kayaks are much easier to carry from place to place. In many cases, you can hold them with a single arm. 

2. Easy to Store

Not only are inflatable kayaks easy to carry but easy to store as well. Why is this? Because they're foldable. 

As such, you can just fold them up into a tidy square and place them in the corner of the garage, or in the back of your car, or in a shed, or in some other small area. 

The same can't be said of standard solid kayaks. They're bulky and large and require substantial amounts of space for storage. This makes them inappropriate for those with small homes and apartments. 

3. Durable

You might think of inflatable kayaks as lacking durability. And while they're not quite as durable as solid kayaks, they're not lacking in durability either.

These kayaks can hold up against exposure to rocks, sunlight, docks, and more. Yes, they can spring leaks from time to time. However, that's only if they come into hard contact with sharp objects like knives or fish hooks. 

And even if yours does spring a leak, you can simply patch it up. There are inflatable kayak repair kits available for around $20. 

All told, inflatable kayaks last between 5 and 10 years. That's a good amount of bang for your buck, considering that inflatable kayaks are cheaper than solid ones. 

You can find an inflatable kayak at your closest water ski shop. "Where can I find a water ski shop near me?" you ask. Right here with Wake Sports. 

4. Comfortable

Inflatable kayaks are also beneficial in that they provide a good amount of comfort. After all, they're filled with air. So, instead of forcing you to sit on a hard and solid surface, they provide a decent amount of cushion. 

Like solid kayaks, inflatable kayaks are equipped with backrests. As such, they provide good lumbar support and enable you to rest easy while operating them. 

There are also no hard or sharp objects sticking out of inflatable kayaks. The same can't be said of solid kayaks, which feature a variety of hard and/or sharp objects that will poke and prod you throughout your trips. 

5. Easy to Transport 

Let's say you're taking a trip up to the lake this weekend. You want to bring a kayak along but aren't sure of how you'll transport it

You don't have any hooks for the top of your vehicle. You don't have a trailer. You're essentially out of luck (short of making some expensive moderations to your car). 

That is unless you buy an inflatable kayak. Again, inflatable kayaks can be folded into tiny squares. As such, if you wanted to, you could transport your inflatable kayak in the back of your car. 

And you wouldn't have to sacrifice on the transport of anything else either. You would still have ample room for luggage, a cooler, fishing poles, and all of your other outdoor equipment. 

6. Inexpensive

Any kayak is going to cost you at least a few hundred bucks. However, in general, inflatable kayaks will cost you less than solid kayaks, quite a bit less in many situations. So, if you're buying on a budget, there's really no contest: you have to go with an inflatable option. 

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7. Legitimate

You might think of an inflatable kayak as being lesser than a solid kayak. However, an inflatable kayak is just as legitimate as any solid kayak you're going to come across. 

Inflatable kayaks not only look like solid kayaks, but they perform like them as well. Yes, there are a few differences you'll have to get used to (they're more sensitive to wind, for instance). But, by and large, they're the same product, just with the added benefits of lower cost, easier storage, and easier transport. 

8. Great for Kids

Kids aren't as strong as adults. As such, many of them struggle with lugging around a large solid kayak. This is where the inflatable kayak can be of great benefit. 

Simply put, inflatable kayaks are much easier for kids to manage. Their light weights allow for max maneuverability, both when hauling the kayak and maneuvering it on the water. 

So, if you're buying a kayak exclusively for a kid, consider going with the best inflatable kayak you can find. 

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