Wakeboard Terrain

Rocker Line

HO Agent Kneeboard 2017
FRANKIE PANNO'S PRO MODEL KNEEBOARD When you watch Frankie Panno ride, you know you are witnessing something special. No one attacks the wakes like Frankie and his creative eye for cutting-edge stunts is single handedly pushing kneeboarding to new heights. HO is fortunate to have a legend and leader pushing kneeboarding and kneeboard product design to new levels. Frankie tweaked the kneeboard product line to his tastes. A beautifully silk screened top and base and softer density kneepad on his pro model Agent represent the pinnacle of kneeboarding. Check out Frankie's latest ride!
2017 Connelly "The Thing" Multi-purpose Kneeboard
THE THING Where can you find a wake surfer, kneeboard, all-around use, multi-purpose board? The Thing is where. Anyone on the boat can have fun on The Thing. Kids learning the basics can use the front hooks for help getting up to speed. Pop your knees up on the thick EVA pad and grab the handle to use it as a kneeboard. For traction you can add the two 3.6'' surf fins. The footpad is raised up the middle of the board for grip while standing on The Thing. Ride on a long line for some wake slashes or a short line for getting your surf on. The surf fins and surf designed rail keep plenty of speed for finding the pocket and riding with no rope at all. CONSTRUCTION Roto-molded SIZE 59'' / 151 cm
HO Joker Kneeboard 2017
TOP FREESTYLE KNEEBOARD OF ALL TIME Originally designed in 1994 by Tony Klarich, The Joker has become the best-selling kneeboard of all time. Beginners and serious shredders alike choose its proven high performance shape and symmetrical profile. The square tip and tail shape and 2-stage rocker design maximizes pop off of all wake sizes forward and backward. The Jokers Locking Edge Channels allow you to lock in for fakie take offs and landings. In addition, the dual density kneepad(which was also first designed in 94 by TK for the Joker), allow for comfortable cushy landings. Lastly, we've added the Powerlock single locking knee strap for maximum comfort and ease of use. The graphics come straight from DC Comics artist, giving the Joker board that distinct fun yet mischievous look.
HO Proton Kneeboard 2017
Thin Profile and Continuous rocker for insane shredding at any ability level Dual Opt Fin System for ability to retract fins for looser feel High End Advanced Twin Tip Design and Hard Rails for a deeper edge hold Deep Tracking Channels for stable landings PowerLock single locking knee strap for maximum comfort and ease of use
Radar Hawk Kneeboard 2017
What You'll Feel: A narrowed tip profile and 3.2" swallowtail define the easy edging slalom style Hawk. Removing surface area from the tip allows the board to roll and hold on edge and the swallowtail speeds up turn finish and increases holding power by keeping more effective edge in the water behind the balance point. The retractable fins can give you the upmost grip when dropped down, or loosen up the board when hidden. Deep-seated orthotic knee wells on our dual density pad reduces fatigue by keeping you in place. The single locking strap functions easily and efficiently to get you ripping quicker.  Key Features: Single Locking Strap  Recessed Pad Durable Roto Shell  Retractable Fins 
2016 Connelly Mirage Kneeboard
MIRAGE The Mirage was designed to blend a high performance, twin tip shape with a long sidecut radius for a stable, relaxed ride. The built in handle hook makes learning simple. Set the rope in the front hook while adjusting your knees into position. Secure yourself into the plush kneepad with an adjustable Velcro strap all while being pulled. Then grab the handle and you are set to carve, slash and spin the day away. CONSTRUCTION Roto-molded SIZE 53'' / 135 cm
Radar Magic Carpet Kneeboard 2017
What You'll Feel: New Modern kneeboard shape has a recessed EVA Foam pad and single hand hook for the little ones to climb aboard. The new design has increased surface area further forward for stability and more pronounced molded in fins make it easy to ride. Single Locking strap is included.  Key Features: Single Locking Strap  Recessed Pad Durable Roto Shell