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Boat pulling a man on a Ronix Koal Fish wakesurf board

Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards of 2024

Throughout the years, wakesurfing has become a more widespread, mainstream sport than before. No longer overshadowed by wakeboarding and its differences, wakesurfing attracts riders from all walks of life. If you're prepared to ride the wakes, you'll need a board to start. While it may seem daunting initially, we have curated our favorite for the best wakesurf board for beginners in 2024.

Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards for Adults

Best Beginner Wakesurf Board for Teens

Best Beginner Wakesurf Board for Kids

Best Beginner Wakesurf Boards for Adults

The best wakesurf board for beginners depends on your abilities, ride style and size. However, before you purchase your beginner board, we can help you narrow your decision with a few tips.

First, be careful about compression molded boards. Generally, they are slow and don't provide enough speed to continue to ride the wake's sweet spot. In fact, it can be difficult to drop wakesurf ropes if this happens.

Don't fall into the bigger is better trap. This isn't always the case with wakesurf boards. Instead, get a board that fits your height and size range. Most people can get up on surf style wakesurf boards because of their width and buoyancy, while a skim style is more difficult because it has sharper edges and one fin.

Beginner boards work great until you start wanting to progress into doing tricks, whether it is catching air, doing wake transitions, shove-its or surface tricks. Once you want to perform tricks, you should look for a more advanced model.

Ronix Koal Fish

Man riding a Ronix Koal Fish wakesurf board

The Ronix Koal Fish is a classic wakesurf board and one of the longest-running boards. It has a versatile shape, clean bottom, fast rocker line, and smooth rails for a fun ride. Riders at all experience levels can use the Ronix Koal Fish because of its ease of use and stability. You can obtain the Koal Fish in three different sizes, 4'6", 5’, and 5'6".

Liquid Force Pod

Man riding a Liquid Force Pod wakesurf board

The Liquid Force Pod is a board with durable construction and a progressive profile shape. It is designed to give riders a fast but stable feeling that fits any size wake. This board has a diamond square tail that allows the board to glide on top of the water and enhance speed and acceleration. The Dura-Surf construction has the resilience of a compression molded board but the performance of a glassed surfer.

Phase 5 Doctor

Man holding a Phase 5 Doctor wakesurf board

For progressing bigger riders that are still beginning but ready to learn tricks, the Phase 5 Doctor provides stability and control for just that type of rider. The board has a clean, concave bottom and rocker profile. It comes in multiple size options for riders over 200 pounds, with the 57" and 59" and a 55" option for those under 200. Glassed with a Flextec V2 system, it offers optimal strength.

Ronix Women's Koal Fish

Woman riding a Ronix Koal Fish wakesurf board

The Ronix Women's Koal Fish is the top pick for women riders. It comes in a timeless shape, allowing it to break free on the top of a lip but still respond to the bottom turn drive. The board is designed with riders of all performance levels in mind, offering a smooth and stable ride. The board comes in two sizes, 4'5" and 4'10".

Ronix Element Core Longboard

Do you enjoy riding sideways on the water? The Ronix Element Core is a longboard designed for easygoing, stable riding. It includes a tail and rounded tip for a smooth transition that is particularly helpful for beginners who still need to get used to wakesurfing. It consists of a full rail for predictable arcs and wrapped wood laminates for improved dampening.

Best Beginner Wakesurf Board for Teens

Teens who grow out of their kid-sized boards and beginner teens may require a board between the kid and adult sizes. Small boards are difficult to control and may hinder your teen's ability to learn how to wakesurf. Too large of a board, on the other hand, is slower and less agile. Always check the size chart before purchasing a board for your teen.

Ronix Alpha Squad Sea Captain

Kid riding a Ronix Alpha Squad Sea Captain wakesurf board

This board is ideal for kids who outgrow their kid board and are ready for a smaller-size version of the best adult shapes. The Alpha Squad Sea Captain utilizes a lightweight standard core construction and hybrid profile for teens who like skim style wakesurf boards or surf style. With a standard thickness, it provides additional water speed and increased buoyancy.

Best Beginner Wakesurf Board for Kids

Think of wakesurfing like any sport or recreational hobby. You wouldn't teach your kids to ride a bike on an adult bike, so you shouldn't teach them to wakesurf on an adult's board.

Ronix Kid's Super Sonic Odyssey Power Tail

Kid riding a Ronix Kid's Super Sonic Odyssey Power Tail wakesurf board

Wakesurf boards for kids need to be smaller and easier to handle than adult-sized boards. Designed with kids in mind, the Ronix Kid's Super Sonic Odyssey Power Tail is 3'9" with a weight range of up to 100 pounds. Imagine a wakesurf board that combines the stability of a longboard, extra surface area and the bottom turn drive of a thruster. Stronger than most kid board options, it is ideal for kids who don't know how to pump yet.

Find Your Beginner Wakesurf Board With Wakesports Unlimited

As you start your search for a wakesurf board for beginners, Wakesports can help you find the best board for you. With over 20 years in the business, we bring our extensive knowledge to all of our clients, providing advice for beginners and advanced riders alike. Contact us today to find out more about what we have to offer!

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