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Kid riding a 2024 Ronix Vision Beginner Wakeboard

Best Beginner Wakeboards of 2024

Wakeboarding is a fun and exciting hobby-meets-sport that offers a unique way to get into the water. Wakeboarders can have plenty of fun learning how to ride, and enjoying all of the fun splashes they get along the way. You can also opt to take it to the next level, learning the skills you need to partake in tricks and show-off experiences. In other words, wakeboarding is something that can meet just about any need.

However, to begin requires the right wakeboard. The following is a quick look at some of the very best wakeboards to be released in 2024, including the best wakeboard for beginners in every category, to help you find that perfect board and matching bindings to help you splash into the sport, master the foundations, and maybe go just a bit further!

Our Picks for the Top Beginner Wakeboards in 2024

Best Beginner Wakeboards for Men

1. True Beginner: Ronix Vault Wakeboard

Every hobbyist and individual interested in a new sport has to start somewhere. When it comes to wakeboarding, we consider the Ronix Vault Wakeboard as one of the most ideal boards for the true beginner. The Ronix Vault was built wide and thick, a design that offers maximum stability for those first learning how best to stand on their board. Here, beginners will feel more confident as they learn how to wakeboard and master those early skills of standing and staying up as the boat speeds and wakes grow.

Packages Well With

For a robust wakeboarding package that includes board and bindings, consider the Ronix Vault with Divide Bindings Package.

2. Beginners With Style: Ronix District Wakeboard

Maybe you're confident with getting up when out on the water, but you struggle with turning. Or maybe you need a wakeboard with a bit more bulk for your body type. In both cases, the Ronix District Wakeboard is a great buy. The Ronix District is built to easily accommodate riders of up to 250 pounds (150cm) while likewise featuring a design that assists with turning and other on-the-water maneuvers.

Packages Well With

For a one-stop purchase that will get you a board and bindings, catering to all sizes from small to extra large frames, check out the Ronix District with District Bindings Package.

3. Budget-Conscious: Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Wakeboarding, as with many watersports, can get a bit pricey the more you get into it. However, it's possible to indulge in the thrill without breaking the bank, especially by selecting a board that offers a sweet spot between affordability and quality design. 

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard stands out in this regard. For several years, it has been a favorite among enthusiasts, thanks to its budget-friendly price coupled with a robust design that includes a continuous rocker for consistency. This feature not only enhances board speed but also ensures softer landings, benefits that both beginners and seasoned riders will appreciate.

Packages Well With

Go all in with the affordable Liquid Force Trip with Index Bindings package that features bindings and board.

Best Beginner Wakeboards for Women

1. True Beginner: Ronix Krush Wakeboard

The Ronix Krush Wakeboard has long been considered one of the very best wakeboards for beginners in the women's category, but it's more recent re-design has made it even more desirable. Today's model is significantly lighter while keeping the wide profile that helps a true beginner to the sport learn how to stand up and maneuver.

Packages Well With

For one nice price, you can enjoy a board and bindings package with this Ronix Krush with Luxe Bindings.

2. Beginners With Style: Ronix Quarter 'til Midnight Wakeboard

The Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight Wakeboard, redesigned for a lighter and softer ride, appeals to women across various skill levels with its versatility and adaptive design. Its hybrid rocker combines the best of both three-stage and continuous rockers, ensuring a dynamic experience that accommodates tricks as well as smooth cruising. 

Its predictability and easy initiation of turns make it an excellent choice for beginners, while its capacity for high-speed cuts and powerful pop caters to the advancing rider, promising a board that grows with your skills until you're ready to advance to an expert-level board. 

Packages Well With

Get all you need to get started by purchasing this board as part of the Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight and Halo Bindings package.

3. Budget-Conscious: Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard

The 2024 Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard is considered a well-designed, female-focused board with a fuller tip and tail shape (continuous rocker) that keeps things overall stable with more predictable pop on the water. The extended fin is great for beginners as it helps the rider to improve their control as they make their way from full newbie to accomplished beginner. Plus, cherry on top, the Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard offers all this at one of the lowest prices for the beginner wakeboard category!

Packages Well With

Spend just a bit more and enjoy the Liquid Force Angel with Plush Bindings, which features comfortable bindings that'll pair perfectly with this best beginner wakeboard.

Best Beginner Wakeboards for Teens 75lbs - 110lbs

1. Best All-Around: Ronix Kid's Vault Wakeboard

The 2024 Ronix Kid's Vault Wakeboard introduces a significantly lighter design, with a 20% reduction in weight compared to its predecessors, enhancing maneuverability and control. Tailored for teenagers, this board simplifies the learning curve with features that facilitate easier transitions and greater stability. 

It's constructed to align with the rider's natural stance, promoting efficient edging, driving through wakes, and achieving higher top speeds with less effort. Ideal for entry-level to intermediate riders, it offers a blend of fun and forgiveness as skills develop.

Packages Well With

Go with the Vault with Divide Bindings to get your teenager out on the water today.

2. Beginners With Style: Ronix Krush 125 Wakeboard

The Ronix Krush 125 Wakeboard is often marketed as a women's board, but we find that its shape makes it also one of the best wakeboards for beginners in the girls teen category. Its design facilitates better interaction with the water making it easier for newcomers to get up and stay up while riding. This board stands out for providing an intuitive ride that helps riders of all levels improve their skills and confidence on the water.

Packages Well With

Get started wakeboarding today with the Krush with Luxe Bindings , a comfortable, stylish, and affordable package.

3. Youth-focused: Hyperlite State 125 Wakeboard

The Hyperlite State 125 Wakeboard was specifically designed for younger wakeboarders with a special asymmetric shape that makes certain skills easier to learn, such as toe-side wake jumps, due to the positioning of the feet and subtle molded-in risers. We see this as the go-to choice for those teenagers who are looking for a wakeboard that will really help them master the foundations quickly and effectively.

Packages Well With

Choose the Hyperlite State with Ronix Divide Bindings for a stylish matching pair of this Hyperlite wakeboard and bindings at one special packaged deal.

Best Beginner Wakeboards for Boys

1. Budget-Smart: Ronix Vision Wakeboard

The Ronix Vision Wakeboard is engineered for longevity and progression, suitable for young riders up until they reach 95 pounds. With its balanced and progressive design, it offers easier edging, more control, and enhanced airtime, thanks to its thinner, sharper toe side rail and fuller vertical heel side rail. The board is designed to grow with the rider, making it an excellent multi-year choice for those learning and wanting to advance in wakeboarding.

Packages Well With

Buy the Ronix Vision with Vision Bindings package to enjoy this modern youth wakeboard plus bindings.

2. Build-up Set: Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard series is designed to evolve with growing boys, offering sizes 115cm, 120cm, and 125cm to accommodate riders as they advance. Tailored to young riders' development, each board size is optimized for different skill levels and rider weights, ensuring a forgiving and responsive experience. With features that enhance stability and ease of learning, these boards support young riders as they master wakeboarding fundamentals and style.

Packages Well With

Check out the Liquid Force Fury with Rant Bindings package deal to get started with this great boys' wakeboarding set.

Best Beginner Wakeboards for Girls

1. Budget-Smart: Ronix August Wakeboard

The Ronix August Wakeboard is a high-quality wakeboard that is equipped to handle plenty of use by girls up to 95 pounds. This means that you're apt to find your young wakeboarder wanting to take this board out for several seasons before it's time to upgrade. While the design here is important (and that is top-notch), we also love that Ronix has added plenty of colors and sparkles to the August wakeboard which gives it an added burst of excitement.

Packages Well With

Invest in the Ronix August with August Bindings package and enjoy a comprehensive board and bindings set that your young rider will enjoy for several seasons.

2. Build-up Set: Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard

Sometimes, you want one set for a kid to grow with, and other times, you want to give them the precise fit they need for each step of their journey. For the latter, when it comes to wakeboarding, we recommend the Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard. 

These precision boards come in 120 cm and 125 cm sizes, each board is designed to cater to the unique needs of the rider, from the forgiving edge profile of the smaller boards to the deeper fins and more defined edge profile of the larger ones. This customization ensures a perfect fit and a gradual upgrade path as she progresses in her wakeboarding journey.

Packages Well With

Get started today with the package deal of Liquid Force Dream with Dream Bindings that matches this board with the perfect set of bindings.

Begin Your Wakeboarding Adventure with Wakesport Unlimited

Choosing the perfect wakeboard is just the beginning. As you explore different types of wakeboards and consult size charts to find your ideal fit, your board transitions from mere equipment to an integral part of your wakeboarding journey. 

Wakesports Unlimited has a wide selection of wakeboards for sale for men, women, kids, and teens, tailored to support your progression from beginner to pro. Don't just dream about wakeboarding; Kickstart your adventure with the ideal board and bindings package that matches your ambition and skill level. Explore our curated selection and find your perfect wakeboarding companion today.

Ross Villarino, owner of wakesports unlimited on the water

Written by Ross Villarino - Owner & CEO

Being on a boat since he was 2 yrs old and getting up on a wakeboard and waterskis by the age of 5, Ross has more than 3 decades of experience being on a boat and around the Watersports industry. Ross taught wakeboarding, waterskiing and wakesurfing lessons for the greater part of a decade before owning Wakesports Unlimited. 

Learn more about Ross Villarino.

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