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Man riding a Ronix wakeboard in Florida

Top Spots for Wakesports in Florida

South Florida's Broward and Palm Beach counties are considered to be "the boating capital of the world". The combination of year-round sun and warmth, as well as the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway views, makes South Florida an ideal place for wakeboarding, and other wakesports. It's great to cruise along the ICW or the New River, but you can also get out your ski rope and enjoy tubing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding in a few great spots. South Florida may not have many large open spaces to do so, but we've collected a few little-known spots that we'd like to tell you about!

Hollywood Lakes - Hollywood, FL - Broward County

Located halfway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood Lakes are located just off of the ICW. Despite the high volume of boat traffic in the main channel, veering off towards the lake leads to an expansive area with a number of private homes scattered around. To access this area, you do not have to be a homeowner on the lake, and the lake is large enough for you to use either a straight line or circle jet ski without many obstacles in the way. The lake is great for waterskiing and wakeboarding, since the outer edges of the lake enable people to tow each other around in large circles. Since the North Lake and the South Lake are almost identical, you can always hop over to the other side if one becomes too crowded for you (which can sometimes happen on weekends). No matter how busy either lake is, be mindful of your surroundings at all times. There are sometimes large yachts anchored in the middle of the lake for a brief rest, while locals can be seen kayaking or paddleboarding along the lake's outer edges. The South and North Lakes offer a great opportunity to escape Fort Lauderdale and enjoy a fun day of water sports with the family.

Lake Osborne - Palm Beach County 

Lantana in Palm Beach County is home to Lake Osborne, a long and narrow lake. There are two sections of it separated by state route 812 (Lantana Road). Water-skiers, wakeboarders, and wakesurfers use the southern part of the lake as a straightaway. Make sure you stay right at the peninsula that separates the lake. After your activities are done, you can relax in one of the many parks surrounding Lantana Lake while watching planes arrive and depart!

Haulover Inlet - Dade County 

When you're ready to experience Miami's thrills from the water, take a ride around the Haulover inlet. Located on the northern half of Biscayne Bay, Haulover Inlet is known for its access to the Atlantic Ocean through Haulover Bridge. You can change your ride from one that is relatively flat on Biscayne Bay side to one that is choppy and wave-filled on the ocean side by using this passageway. On the weekends, you can also attend the Haulover Sandbar party. In North Miami, just north of Bal Harbour, local boaters bring their vessels to the Haulover Park sandbar to play music and enjoy food and beverages. If partying isn't your thing, head to the Venetian Islands west of Miami Beach and take a canal by canal tour of celebrity homes. Regardless, nothing beats skiing or wakeboarding at top speed over Biscayne Bay.

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