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Wakesurf Boards & Wakesurfers:

Wakesurfers use wakesurf boards with different styles to ride waves and create their own personal style while doing tricks on them! Whether you're looking at beginner options for your kids, want something manageable yet exciting -or more advanced high performance rides created by professional athletes-we have got what every level needs right here on our site.

Are you new to Wakesurfing?

Check out our beginner tips here.

Wakesurfing FAQs

Does the size of the wakesurf board matter?

Yes, the correct size wakesurf board is determined by several factors. It is best to ride a larger wakesurf board if you are new at it, heavier, or you are riding a smaller wake since these boards have more surface area to keep your body moving forward. Riders with more experience and lighter weight should choose smaller wakesurf boards since they are easier to maneuver and are faster on the water.

What is the best wakesurf speed?

Wakesurfing speed varies depending on your boat model, ballast bag weight, and wakesurf board type. The best waves form at around 10 mph and top out at 13 mph. When you are the driver, accelerate slowly and adjust your speed incrementally until you see a clean, high wave and provide the rider with push.