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Kid floating in the water while wearing a CGA life vest

Life Jacket & Wake Vest Buyer's Guide

Consider the type, size, and material of your vest when searching for the right wake vest for you. It should be simple to put on and easy to wear a wakeboard vest. 

Wake vests are becoming more comfortable and less visible every year thanks to new designs and materials. Even though you don't need a Coast Guard Approved vest to go on wake adventures, it is nice to have a way to keep your head above the water and protect your core against impacts from the cable park.

How do you size a wakeboard vest?

One size doesn't fit all. There are many sizes of wake vests. Measure around your chest to determine the correct size of your wake vest and then check the vest sizing chart. Most wakeboard vests fit well, so make sure you have separate vests for men, women, and children.

Which type of wake vest is right for you?

Approved Vests US Coast Guard

The USCG requires that all passengers aboard a boat must have a USCG approved jacket. The vest should be in good condition and of the right size for the intended use. 

Comp (Impact) Vests

These vests are lightweight, flexible, and can float you. However, they may not completely protect your head from the water. Impact life vests have not been approved by the US Coast Guard. These vests can be used if you need to keep warm or provide impact protection at the cable park, winch station, or other locations. 

Vest Materials

Nearly all wake vests, USCG approved or not, are made of neoprene. Neoprene vests can be shaped and softened to allow for mobility. They also stay warmer than the older, all-nylon style life vests. 

Want to know more about life jackets and impact vests?

If you have questions or concerns before going to purchase a vest, feel free to call or visit our San Diego Wakesports Unlimited location!

San Diego Shop: (858)-277-5757 

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