COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
March 17, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update


Here at Wakesports, nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve. It is our top priority to keep it that way.

Here are some of the steps we are taking to protect everyone from COVID-19...

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Shop Local For Small Business Saturday!
November 30, 2019

Shop Local For Small Business Saturday!

Since 2010 Small Business Saturday has been an integral part of allowing small businesses like ours help to contribute and grow our communities. During the busiest shopping time of the year, please consider that competing with big-box retail businesses and fortune 500 companies is an uphill battle. It is small business that creates careers and opportunities for those in smaller niche industries, such as our wonderful towed wakesports industry.

We at Wakesports Unlimited would like to thank our customers for the years of continued support. Without you, none of this would be possible. Everytime you walk in our door, you make a difference in small business. We appreciate you all for being apart of the Wakesports Family and look forward to being your pro shop for many more years to come.

Here are some fantastic deals for you to consider!

2020 Ronix RXT Capella 3.0 Lifevest:

Featuring Ronix Xperimental Technology,  this life vest is a slim minimalist design and Lifeguard certified. The RXT Capella 3.0 comes in six sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

2020 HO 3GXT Tube:

The “extra tough” version of the best selling 3g tube now offers some beefy features and the industry's first 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY! This thing will be family fun for years to come!

2020 Ronix Combo  5.0 Wakesports Wakeboard Rope and Handle:

We teamed up with Ronix and created our own Ronix 5.0 Rope and Handle Combo with our logo on it. This rope and handle combo features a hide grip with a 3D molded pattern comes in six assorted colors and has some great features at a fraction of the price of other brands. This combo comes in 3 different colors, Orange, Green and White.

We appreciate you and thank you for your continued support!


Your team here at Wakesports

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Black Friday is Live at midnight tonight... Do not miss it!
November 28, 2019

Black Friday is Live at midnight tonight... Do not miss it!

Black Friday is coming!

This year we have some fantastic deals to offer our valued customers! Don't miss out on the industries top brands at the lowest prices of the year! Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just getting your feet wet; Wakesports has you covered with some fantastic prices and products!



10-15% OFF ALL 2020 PRODUCTS 

Here's some highlights :

2020 Ronix RXT Wakeboard:


If the title of 2019 WSIA innovation of the year award winner isn't enough to sell you on this product, you can take comfort knowing that along with some new innovative technology and a larger size will give you that consistent pop with the lightest and most continuous rocker on the market. Ronix products are second to none in almost every aspect.  A Wakesports best seller in 2019 and already breaking sales records for 2020! Get one before they are gone.

2020 Wakesurf Edge by Liquid Force:

Another hot product worth mentioning for our Black Friday sale is the Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper. This innovative product is an awesome solution to make your boat wake step its game up! Patented concave technology makes this product essentially eliminate the whitewash from non-wake boat surf systems. Complete redesign for 2020 means you will be getting a top of the line wake in any environment!

2020 Ronix Flyweight Conductor:

Completely disregarding the adage: “don’t mess with a good thing”, Ronix went against the grain and did what is essentially a full redesign on the 2020 Flyweight Conductor model. A lighter construction flyweight core, a shape designed for high speed stability, and looks that are hot enough to melt the polar caps all make the Conductor 2020 a fantastic choice for your Wakesport needs.

2020 men’s HO men’s hovercraft package :

The HO Mens Hovercraft ski and bindings combination should be on the top of any wake ski enthusiast’s list. This ski / binding combo has been redesigned for 2020 with one of the widest footprints on the market. The design enables the rider easier get-ups and the quick turn feel of a surfboard. This is a serious bang for your buck package that is sure to go fast!

We are happy to continue offering our services and products to you our valued customers and can’t wait to see those orders out our door on the way to yours!

Do not forget to sign up for our mailing list to find the best deals as well as follow our blogs for more in depth information about the products we sell. We will also be posting tips on how to improve your skills in every category. 

Happy Black Friday! 


Your Wakesports Team Members

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Happy Thanksgivings from all of us here at Wakesports Unlimited!
November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgivings from all of us here at Wakesports Unlimited!

Of all of the things we have to be thankful for this holiday season; the best part of our business is our valued customers (that means YOU)!

From the fantastic support of our vendors and customers that help contribute to our Wakesports community, to the great sessions on the water with family and friends. Nothing compares to giving our customers the best products, knowledge and customer service in the industry.

We will never be able to give our customers the joy they give us, however we can give them something to celebrate this season with some heart-attack-serious sales this Black Friday! Be prepared for some holiday cheer from our biggest brands as a small token of our appreciation.

Thank you from your Wakesports Team

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Choosing the Best Skim or Surf Wakesurf Board
June 28, 2019

Choosing the Best Skim or Surf Wakesurf Board

In today’s world of wakesurfing, the variety of boards to choose from can be intimidating. Let us help you choose the best skim or surf wakesurf board that is right for you.

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Product Review: 2019’s Ronix One TimeBomb vs. Ronix RXT
June 28, 2019

Product Review: 2019’s Ronix One TimeBomb vs. Ronix RXT

Not sure what 2019 Wakeboard to purchase? We review and compare 2 of the hottest Ronix wakeboards on sale this year - the Ronix One Timebomb vs. the RXT.

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Top Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners
July 28, 2017

Top Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners

If you’re diving into the world of wakeboarding - first of all, congratulations! Wakeboarding is an incredibly fun sport that’s also wonderful exercise and great for group outings. With a variety of equipment and techniques, it may feel a little overwhelming at first, but don’t worry.

We’re sharing the top beginner wakeboard tips so you can get started feeling confident.

Learn the Basic Wakeboard Terms

Here are the basic wakeboarding terms to know:

  • Wake: The wave, which is created by the boat, that a wakeboarder uses to ride or jump
  • Regular Footed: Riding with the left foot forward
  • Goofy Footed: Riding with the right foot forward
  • Bindings: The boots attached to the wakeboard, which hold the rider’s feet in place
  • Get up: When the rider, as they’re being pulled by the boat, stands up on the board
  • Nose: The tip of the wakeboard, closest to the boat
  • Air: As one advances and begins jumping, the amount of air reached between the wakeboarder and the water below
  • Set: A rider’s turn on the wakeboard (i.e. “That was an awesome set. Now, Jake’s up for his set.”)

Know the Wakeboard Equipment You’ll Need

You don’t need a lot of equipment to wakeboard. In addition to the boat for hooking up to, you’ll simply need:

  • The Wakeboard itself
  • A Wake rope
  • Wakeboard bindings
  • A life vest
  • Recommendation: A helmet, particularly for those 16 and under

How to Choose a Wakeboard

Wakeboards can have a center fin or two side fins. As a beginner, you’ll want to look for wakeboards with a center fin. This type of wake board gives more stability. (As you advance and look for more control to use and do tricks, that’s when you’ll want a wakeboard with two side fins.)

How to Choose a Life Vest for Wakeboarding

There are two types of life vests to look at.

  • Comp Vests (also known as competition vests or impact vests)
  • Coast Guard Approved vests

We recommend starting out with CGA approved vests. They’ll float you out of the water more than an impact vest and, because you’re not sinking as much, will let you get up easier. This is very helpful for beginning wakeboarders.

Comp vests are mobile, but, as mentioned, they don’t float as much. Plus, there are more restrictions on when you can wear comp vests. As you get more advanced, you can bridge over to the comp vest, giving more mobility to do tricks and jumps.

Update: Liquid force recently came out with the Watson Liquid Force Coast Guard Approved vest. It has the feel of a comp vest but it also Coast Guard Approved. Two birds with one stone, my friends. Check out thisvideo modeling the Watson Liquid Force CGA Vest

Insider tip: You know a vest is coast guard approved if it has 2 buckles.

Should You Wear a Helmet Wakeboarding?

We recommend wearing a helmet for wakeboarding; it’s always a good idea because, hey, you never know when you may catch an edge or face plant. Even beginners can get up to 18 - 21 mph. Going down at that speed, we’d rather err on the side of caution.

When it comes to kids, we suggest helmets for those 16 and under no matter what. One reason is that younger wakeboarders are more likely to try crazier tricks, so it’s ideal to keep their heads extra protected.

How to Choose Wakeboard Bindings

There are two types of bindings for wakeboards.

  • Open toe bindings
  • Closed toe bindings

Closed toe bindings are more specific and personalized to the individual wakeboarder. Because your toes are locked in, they give you more control over the board and how to use it.

Open toe bindings will work for a wider range of people. For example, there’ll be ones that range from 8 - 12 and 10 - 14. If there are a few people starting out together, usually open toe bindings are more logical.

To make sure the bindings you pick truly fit your body and feet, it’s ideal to go to a wakeboard store in-person. Just like trying on shoes, putting on bindings in person can allow you to feel out if you prefer:

  • A softer or stiffer feel for the ideal comfort
  • A narrower or wider foot
  • The size itself

In addition, a store will have on-site staff and wakeboard experts who’ll make sure you get the right wakeboard bindings for you.

What to NOT DO on your Wakeboard

It’s ideal to NOT wear extra items like:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats

These are likely to fall off and get lost while wakeboarding.
Most importantly, do not panic. If it’s getting tough to hold on, you can always let go of the rope. And if you do go down, hey, there’s the opportunity to try again!

Decide: Wetsuit or No Wetsuit?

You can certainly wear a wetsuit, especially if wakeboarding in cold water. Our only warning: Wetsuits can restrict mobility. As you get more advanced and desire to do more tricks, it can be ideal to wakeboard with no wetsuit.

Be Prepared: You May Be Sore

Wakeboarding is such a fun and thrilling experience, one can forget - no matter how beginner or advance - that it’s also exercising the body’s muscles. So yes, there may be some soreness the day after!

For medical advice and recommendations, we recommend talking to your doctor. For general advice though, here are a few post-wakeboarding tips for if you get sore:

    • Stay hydrated before, during and after wakeboarding. This helps muscles to not cramp and reduce soreness after.
    • As needed after, use a combination of ice (to reduce inflammation and act as a local anesthetic) and heat (to help with blood flow and relief of pain, such as with a heating pad) to bring relief to the muscles
    • Do some simple, gentle stretches after, such as:
      • A Wall Stretch: Facing or standing perpendicular to the wall, place your arms out in front of you and slowly walk your fingers up the wall. (For sore shoulders)
      • Over the Head Arm Stretch: Reach your arms up. Grab your left elbow with the right hand. Then, pull that elbow over and downward. Copy movement with opposite elbow and hand. (For sore shoulders)

A medical professional will be able to give more tips and tricks catered to the areas you feel most sore or sensitivity in.

Tips for How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

Now that you know about the equipment and how to prepare for wakeboarding, it’s time to think about the wakeboarding itself. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide for the most important thing for beginners:The Simple Guide for How to Get Up on a Wakeboard.

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The Simple Guide for How to Get Up on a Wakeboard
July 14, 2017

The Simple Guide for How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

For many of us, the hardest part of learning to wakeboard is getting up on the wakeboard itself. That’s why we are sharing the step-by-step process and tips on how to get up on a wakeboard.

The Steps for Getting Up on Wakeboard:

  1. Make sure the wakeboard rope is at a prime length. Do this by drawing in the rope as short as it can go.
  2. Hold your knees to your chest, like being in a fetal position on your back. Yes, you’ll be floating in some water.
  3. Check that your feet (and toes!) are flexed.
Once you’re in that position? It’s on to the next step.
  • Feel out WHEN to stand on the wakeboard.
  • Stand Up on the Wakeboard Right. For positioning, the ideal stance is to have knees bent and back upright, while shoulders are up and in line over your hips. At the same time, you should be leaning slightly back, so your feet are the most forefront part of your body. Now, more about those feet. You can stand up on the wakeboard best when weight is distributed properly throughout your feet; this is usually:
    1. About 60% of weight on the back foot.Go go go!
    2. our latest wakeboards here.
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