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Best Wake Foil Boards of 2024

Best Wake Foil Boards of 2024

Calling all wakefoil enthusiasts ready to step up their foil game! Foiling has become one of the hottest trends in wake sports, offering an exhilarating way to carve up and glide above the water. With so many amazing foils out there, finding the right one can feel overwhelming. Fear not, fellow foilers! We've compiled a list of the best wake foil boards of 2024, each offering unique features to suit your experience level and help you elevate your foiling game.

Don’t feel like reading? Take our wake foil quiz and we’ll match you up with the perfect setup for you based on your experience level.

Our Picks for the Best Wake Foil Boards of 2024

Below are our selections for the top wake foils of 2024. Click one of the links to drop down the page and learn about each board.

Best Beginner Wakefoil: Ronix Koal Surface 727 w/ Shift Mast

Hey, newbie foilers! The Ronix Koal Surface 727 with Shift Mast is your ticket to effortless liftoff. Its magic lies in its wide, stable shape and includes a shorter adjustable mast  – think of it as training wheels. This foil is perfect for limiting those wobbly first attempts, and the removable straps is another great feature to help you get up. 

The beauty of the Koal Surface is its upgradeability. Think your skills may progress quickly? No worries! In that case, grab the Ronix Koal Surface w/ Shift Mast and a 28” fluid mast packaged together and simply swap out the shift mast for the longer 28" fluid mast when you’re ready for more advanced riding. Now that's what we call a board that grows with you!

Best Intermediate Wakefoils

Good: Liquid Force Launch w/ Launch Foil

Ready to ditch the beginner board and step things up? The Liquid Force Launch w/ Launch Foil is the board for you. It strikes a fantastic balance between stability and responsiveness, ideal for intermediate riders who crave more control and dynamic riding. The Launch Foil's larger surface area provides a confident platform for balancing, while its thinner profile lets you maneuver with newfound finesse. So ditch the jitters and get ready to carve like a pro – the Launch is ready to propel you forward.

Better: Liquid Force Pod Foil w/ Flite 120 Foil

Conquer the water with two styles in one! The Liquid Force Pod Foil w/ Flite 120 Foil is the ultimate crossover board for intermediate riders. Not only does it crush it on the foil, but it doubles as a killer wakesurf board. The secret sauce is a beefed-up core for extra strength and a built-in track system for seamless foil swaps. Plus, the Flite 120 Foil offers a larger surface area and a stable platform for honing your foiling skills.

Best: Phase Five Gismo Board w/ Nova Foil

The Phase Five Gizmo Board with Nova Foil is our pick for the best foil board for intermediate riders. This dynamic duo offers the perfect blend of stability and control. The Gizmo's longer design keeps you balanced, while the Nova Foil's large surface area provides ample lift and a smooth ride.  Unlike some wake foil boards, the Gizmo won't hold you back as you progress. Its adjustable track system lets you fine-tune your setup for a truly personalized foiling experience!  Get ready to conquer the water with confidence and style!

Best Advanced Wakefoils

Good: Phase Five Chip Board w/ Nova Foil

Advanced riders, listen up! The Phase Five Chip Board with Nova Foil is your invitation to push the limits of foiling. This board prioritizes control and responsiveness, letting you carve like a champ. The Chip's compact design promotes stability during aggressive maneuvers. The reduced weight requires less force to change direction. The Nova Foil, the perfect partner, complements this focus with a lightweight build for unmatched responsiveness.This duo won't hold you back, regardless of how well you ride.

Better: Hyperlite UTE w/ Commander 1300 Foil

If you’re seeking a board that rides well while both wakefoiling or wakesurfing, look no further than the Hyperlite UTE w/ Commander 1300 Foil! A beast on the water, its versatility lets you rip both styles in one session if you want. The Reinforced DuraShell construction makes the board lightweight yet strong, able to withstand the demands of advanced maneuvers. Machined EVA traction keeps you in control for enhanced grip. Enjoy performance, stability, and versatility in one board.

Best: Ronix Koal Surface 727 w/ Fluid Mast

True foil enthusiasts will discover that the Ronix Koal Surface 727 with Fluid Mast isn't your average board. This advanced board prioritizes precision and performance, making it the best foil board for serious foilers in 2024. Its condensed shape makes it a laser-focused tool for experienced riders. The unique design maximized control for aggressive maneuvering. There’s no sacrificing stability thanks to the Koal Surface’s unique mast connection, making it our preferred choice. Choose between a 24” or 28” fluid mast based on your skill level or preference. 

Unleash Your Inner Foil Master: The Wrap-Up

That's a wrap on our guide to the best wake foil boards of 2024! Whether you're a newbie finding your way or a seasoned foiler ready to conquer the water, the right board is available to raise your foiling game at Wakesports Unlimited. Don't forget to explore our extensive selection of wake foils for sale to discover even more options! We're confident you'll find the ideal setup to take your foiling to epic heights. Now enjoy the thrill of life above the water!

Ross Villarino, owner of wakesports unlimited on the water

Written by Ross Villarino - Owner & CEO

Being on a boat since he was 2 yrs old and getting up on a wakeboard and waterskis by the age of 5, Ross has more than 3 decades of experience being on a boat and around the Watersports industry. Ross taught wakeboarding, waterskiing and wakesurfing lessons for the greater part of a decade before owning Wakesports Unlimited. 

Learn more about Ross Villarino.

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