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Save up to 15% OFF for our Memorial Day Sale. Shop now

Ross Villarino - Owner & CEO

Hi there, I'm Ross Villarino—owner and CEO of Wakesports Unlimited.

My passion for watersports started in childhood, inspired by my mom's waterskiing and my own experiences with waterskiing and wakeboarding starting at just five years old.  I've been fortunate enough to be able to turn that passion into my career by owning Wakesports Unlimited.

Over the years, diving deep in the watersports world has given me a deep understanding of boats and the premium gear we offer here at Wakesports. My experience working, teaching, and coaching in this industry for decades has sharpened my eye for spotting the best brands and gear out there, making sure we always keep our customers smiling. Our team is all about offering standout service, making sure everyone has a blast on the water.

I have been inspired with my own life experiences. My journey's been massively shaped by my Southern California roots and my snowboarding days while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. Returning to San Diego and acquiring Wakesports Unlimited felt like a full-circle moment, particularly because my very first job as a 16 year old involved selling wakeboards and waterskis at Wakesports.

Our crew, with over 50 years of combined watersports experience, are not just experts but passionate fans eager to grow our sport and community. We’re here to help you find the perfect gear and support you well beyond your purchase.

What I love most is sharing my knowledge and helping our watersports community thrive. Being part of this community is truly something special.

In addition to my passion for watersports, I also enjoy snowboarding, hiking, soccer, volleyball, and golf. My love for travel stems from the joy of meeting new people. Amid the fleeting nature of life, the pursuit of creating memorable experiences and meeting remarkable individuals holds immeasurable value. I am deeply committed to my family, cherishing my wife and our loved ones profoundly. This dedication is a primary motivation behind our business's mission to unite families and enhance their quality time together while having fun out on the water.

Can’t wait to catch you out on the water!

Ross Villarino

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