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Man riding a Ronix Wake foil board in the ocean

Buyer's Guide for Surf and Wake Foil

What is foil surfing and wake foiling?

Foil Surfing and wake foiling, are both relatively new sports that have become a wakesports craze. It is effortless and can make foiling one of the most enjoyable parts of any day on the lake.

Foiling can be done in any water condition and behind any boat. Foils are designed to rise above water at a specific speed, faster for Wake foils and slower for Surf foils. This gives you the feeling of flying above the water.

Modern foil boards are safer, lighter, smaller, and easier to use. The foils of today are very efficient and beginners can lift at speeds up to 4 MPH. With the right equipment, even novice watersports enthusiasts can easily get on the water and start riding.

Let's review some key points now that you know a little bit about what a wake and surf foil is.

What is a foil board?

The experience of riding a wake foil or surf foil is quite different from wakeboarding or wakesurfing. It's like floating, flying, or enjoying a powder day on the mountain.

Foils give you that buttery smooth feeling throughout the day, regardless of how rough the water is. This makes them a great choice for afternoon wakesurfing sessions where the water is too rough.

The Surf hydrofoil and Wake hydrofoils of today are very efficient. This means that you can foil at slower speeds and you can ride it behind any type of boat or jet ski.

See our how to wake foil guide here

What makes a foil work? 

A foil is a submerged airplane wing. The mast is like a control stick for a plane. You can control the pitch, roll, and weight distribution of the foil by changing your body position and weight. It's similar to piloting a plane through air.

Wake and Surf foils can be used for lift at low speeds with a moderate top-end speed. This combination is ideal for riding behind the boat. For beginners, it's easy to handle and stable. However, more experienced riders will not be able to outgrow it.

The heavy construction of Surf and Wake Foil boards is a good thing. It provides stability and support for riders. Carbon foils that are lighter in weight, however, have a higher speed and better performance but are also more "twitchy".

Surf Foil vs. Wake Foil

Surf – Surf style foils are made to be ridden slower and are therefore less "twitchy". Surf foil boards should be ridden at speeds of 4-6 MPH.

Wake - Wake style foils can be ridden at slightly higher speeds than their surf-style counterparts. Most wake foil boards can foil at speeds between 8-10 MPH or higher.

Main Components of a Foil

Foil Board  

In other sports, the board is the most important. The board connects the rider with the surface (Water Snow Concrete). - Foiling is a different sport. The foil wing will do a lot of heavy lifting. However, you still need a board that performs as you expect. If you're new to foiling, we recommend a foam-coated or compression molded board. We also recommend getting something fiberglass if you want to make foiling more enjoyable. When foiling is your first time, compression molded boards can be heavier and dampen vibrations more effectively. Surf construction and carbon fiber boards are lighter and provide a better feel on the water.

Foil Mast 

This is the connection between your foil and your board. Beginner masts are generally shorter and are designed to operate at slower speeds. For advanced riders who can go faster, larger masts are better suited. Because it allows riders to ride on foil and not touch the water, the larger mast size is better at handling choppy water.

Mast Size Explained

Wake Foil boards have different masts, depending on the type of riding you do: Surf or Wake. Masts for beginners are usually shorter and more efficient at lower speeds.

Starter Masts The majority of starter masts are between 15 and 18 inches.

Wake Masts The majority of wake masts are 24".

Surf Masts The majority of surf masts are 24".

Foil Wing 

This is where magic happens. Hydrofoils are only as good as the foil wing. Foils can be divided into two groups: Surf and Wake. The speed at which wake foils can lift is higher, around 8-12 MPH. Surf foils work at speeds around 4-6 MPH. Surf foils can achieve lift at speeds as low as 4 MPH, which is less intimidating for beginners. It also allows people to experience the joy of riding foils.

A Few Benefits Of Wake Foiling

Wake foil board surfing is an exciting and rewarding watersport with a lot to offer. Not only will you experience the thrill of carving through waves, but you'll also be able to enjoy all the benefits that come along with riding a wake foil! Here are just a few of the many advantages you can expect:

Increased physical fitness

Wake foil board surfing requires strength, endurance, and balance which can help you improve your overall fitness. Plus, it's an enjoyable way to stay physically fit while having fun on the water. As you ride the wake foil board, your core muscles are engaged and strengthened with each move you make. Additionally, your legs become stronger as they support your body weight during each jump or maneuver. The power generated from the motion of wake foil surfing also provides a great cardio workout that can help you improve your endurance and overall fitness level.

Improved mental health

Being out in nature and engaging in activities like wake foil surfing can reduce stress levels and provide a sense of peace. It engages your body, mind, and soul as you float through the water at a leisurely pace. The calming sound of the wake foil board cutting through the water, combined with the tranquil beauty of nature, can help reduce stress levels and improve your overall mental health. Additionally, because wake foil board surfing requires concentration, it can provide a distraction from stress-inducing thoughts that may be plaguing your mind.

Skill development

Wakefoil surfing is a highly technical sport that requires skill, precision, and practice in order to master the art of riding on a wake foil board. As you learn how to use your board correctly and become more familiar with the motions required for successful wake foil riding, you'll develop improved balance and coordination while refining your technique.

Additionally, as you work on various maneuvers such as carving, turns, and jumps, you'll be able to hone your skills further over time giving you the confidence needed to take on more challenging water conditions.

Experience Wake Foiling Today!

With new wake foil boards making their way into the market each year, it's no wonder why so many people are eager to give it a try. Wake foiling offers something for everyone, whether you're looking for an adrenaline-packed ride or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. Plus, with its low entry barrier, wake foiling can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.

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