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Man riding a Liquid Force Wakeboard

What Are the Common Types of Wakeboards?

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest-growing watersports, with around 4 million people trying the sport in a year. 

It is the obscure sport that has become mainstream, and for a good reason. It combines sports such as surfing, waterskiing, and snowboarding for adrenaline-filled fun. You can freestyle and attempt tricks once you get used to the board.

Are you interested in trying wakeboarding? First, you need to learn the types of wakeboards available to determine which one is best for you. 

Wakeboards by Activity 

You can determine what type of wakeboard you need in different ways. The first is to think about what way you plan to wakeboard. Some wakeboards are designed for the different kinds of wakeboarding.

Boat Wakeboards

If you plan to only ride behind a boat, then a boat wakeboard is for you. These boards are designed to have less flex, which gives you a better boost on the lips of wakes.

They are also designed with heavy duty in mind and a focus on the base, which helps you take rough landings. You can purchase boat wakeboards with fins molded or bolted on.

Cable Wakeboards

Cable wakeboarding is when you do not need a boat. Instead, there is a cable system that pulls you around. There are usually obstacles in the way to practice tricks! 

Cable park wakeboards may have removable fins or none at all. A featureless base makes it easier to slide on things like rails, but there is less traction. They are also durable but with a lot of flex. 

Hybrid Wakeboards

A hybrid wakeboard works for boat riding and cable wakeboarding. You can add fins for boat riding. Flex is in the board's tips but stiffer in the middle to get the most out of both ways of wakeboarding. They are a good choice if you have the budget for one board or want to try both types of wakeboarding.

Different Types of Wakeboards 

Wakeboards have different names and are not always categorized by activity. It is essential to learn about the types of wakeboards to find the exact board for you.

One feature that is focused on is the rocker. The rocker describes the board curve when on a flat surface. There are several different types of rockers. 

Continuous Rocker 

A continuous rocker wakeboard has a single curve from tip to tip. It makes for a smooth ride without much friction and softer landings, which is kinder for the knees. It is a good board for trying tricks on flats, longer jumps, and maintaining consistent speeds. 

It is a good board for beginners, as it is more forgiving. You do not need to find the right spot on the board. But be aware that you need to perfect your technique still as you learn, even if the board lets you get away with it more. 

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboards

A 3-stage rocker can take on bigger wakes thanks to its pop. It looks different from the continuous rocker because it has a flat center, but the tips have a higher rise.

If you want to try wake-to-wake tricks, it is the perfect option. It can be a little slower because of its smaller surface area on the water, but you will get a better pop-off. It has a higher impact landing and is less forgiving than continuous rockers. 

Hybrid Rocker Wakeboards

Hybrid rockers combine the best of both rocker worlds. It is perfect if you want to try a range of tricks and have features of both boards. Hybrid boards can vary a lot but work for any wakeboarding activity. 

Other Rocker Wakeboards

A 5-stage rocker is similar to a 3-stage but has five sections. It has less of a hard pop, but less of the braking effect the 3-stage has, so speed loss is reduced. 

Camber boards are by the brand Ronix. The center of the board does not sit flat to the ground. They have soft landings and offer a relaxing ride. 

Other Factors to Consider

Wakeboards can vary significantly, even if they are the same type of board! There are several other factors you can consider to help make a decision. A reputable seller will also be able to advise. 


There are some great wakeboard designs out there. Once you pick your type, you can also opt for a design you like. Many are designed by gender, so you can search between men's wakeboardswomen's wakeboards, and kid's wakeboards.


There are several brands of wakeboard that have a good reputation. Brands include Ronix, Liquid Force, and Hyperlite. You can also research customer reviews to determine which brand works for you. 


Wakeboards are usually made from fiberglass with a foam or wood core. There are also other materials coming out like graphite. Foam boards tend to have more durability and are cheaper. 


Make sure the board works for your height and size! You can check size charts to determine the best board size for you.

But also look at the board in person. If you cannot, go for a longer board over shorter, as there will be more stability.  


The wakeboard fin can be determined by the type of wakeboard you get. Beginner boards tend to have deeper fins. A removable fin is perfect as you can try different fins until you determine what works for you. 

The Best Deals on Wakeboards

Wakeboarding continues to grow in popularity. And now other sports such as wakeskating and wakesurfing are also in the spotlight. Whatever type of water sports you choose, you are guaranteed to have fun. 

Buying your first wakeboard can be an exciting but also overwhelming experience. But once you learn about the different types of wakeboards, you can make an informed decision.

Here at Wakesports, we have the best deals on wakeboards. Browse our boards online, or if you are wakeboarding in San Diego, visit our store!

Ross Villarino, owner of wakesports unlimited on the water

Written by Ross Villarino - Owner & CEO

Being on a boat since he was 2 yrs old and getting up on a wakeboard and waterskis by the age of 5, Ross has more than 3 decades of experience being on a boat and around the Watersports industry. Ross taught wakeboarding, waterskiing and wakesurfing lessons for the greater part of a decade before owning Wakesports Unlimited. 

Learn more about Ross Villarino.

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