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Landyachtz Evo 36 Spectrum Longboard

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Landyachtz Evo 36 Spectrum Longboard

Experience seamless, fast runs on the Evo 36! This lightweight longboard boasts more grip in corners for a supremely responsive ride. Crafted with 9 plies of strong Canadian maple, the Evo 36 feels stiff and stable for a secure downhill performance. Enjoy the front-loaded steering that is easy to predict for great cornering. For almost two decades, the Evo has been a go-to for champions and podium contenders. It comes equipped with 155mm Gen 6 reverse kingpin trucks and 72mm, 78a Plow Kings for a confident slide from the start. With its narrow hanger and wide contact patch, you'll get excellent control in the hills. A perfected blend of speed and stability, the Evo 36 will take you places!


So, what’s flex and why is it important to a skateboard? In skate-nerd terms, flex is the amount of displacement a deck sees when a specific amount of force is applied to it. Check out our formula to the left! There are a few factors that affect flex, like deck thickness, wheelbase, and the amount of force on a deck. We built a machine and put our entire lineup to the test by applying the exact same amount of force to all our boards and measured the displacement we saw in each. This gives a totally scientific and accurate flex range across our entire line! It’s important to understand flex when choosing a board. Here are some basics: Downhill/freeride skateboards will have less flex because you need a stiff platform to stand on when you’re bombing or gripping a corner at speed. Carving skateboards will have more flex, giving you the ability to sink into your turns and pump or carve with ease. Most cruisers, dance and ATV boards will have less flex for control when doing tricks but just enough to be forgiving when pushing around town. We’ve engineered our boards with the best flex for each style of riding but remember, flex is subjective so get out a see what you like the most!



Redesigned from the ground up and incorporating technology perfected in our high end DH and Freeride trucks, Gen 6 Grizzlies are the best performing cast trucks on the market today. Game changing strength and highly refined steering geometry are just the tip of the iceberg, Gen 6 Grizzlies are available in 3 different hangar widths and 3 baseplate angles so you can customize your truck setup to perform exactly how you want them to.

Bushings: 85a



Sometimes you just need to be able to plow through whatever life throws at you, and the 72mm Plow Kings are the perfect wheel to help you do that. Big, wide and poured in a super gushy 78a urethane formula, these wheels are the perfect upgrade for your longboard set up and will roll over cracks and road debris with ease.


73mm Biggie Hawgs are meaty square-lipped wheels that are compatible with most top-mount and low-clearance longboard and downhill setups. With our high-rebound formula, in 76a grey, these will grip in the most demanding situations but will break out smooth for predrifts and check slides. These are a great way to upgrade the stock wheels on your longboard setup or get a little extra grip out of your downhill board.


Experience seamless, fast runs on the Evo 36! This lightweight longboard boasts more grip in corners for a supremely responsive ride.