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Ronix Krush with Halo Wakeboard Package 2024

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Ronix Krush with Halo Wakeboard Package

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings - Women's

Krush Wakeboard

Experience wakeboarding like never before with the newly slimmed-down and super-responsive Ronix Krush with Halo Wakeboard Package! With this unique board, you have two choices for riding: edging and driving through the wake OR riding with a thinner profile and more topwater speed. The Krush has lost almost 20% of its weight, making for a lighter, smoother-feeling ride with improved feedback from the water. Plus, its special design takes into account the subtle differences between toeside and heelside riding, so it'll give you the perfect foundation for your wakeboarding moves. Get ready to make waves with the Ronix Krush!

Halo Wakeboard Bindings

Experience a new level of fit and comfort with the Ronix Halo Wakeboard Binding's unique open toe attitude. Innovative Stage 2 liners maximize all-day support and comfort, while the custom-crafted MainFrame chassis caters to every aspect of your foot. Get ready to achieve a riding experience like never before!


Krush Wakeboard
+ Construction – Modello
+ Riding Style – Boat Entry Level / Intermediate
+ Energy – Neutral 4
+ Rocker – 3-Stage
+ Fins -4 - 1.7” Hook Fins

Halo Wakeboard Bindings
+ MainFrame Technology
+ Stage 2 Liner

+ Classic S.O.L.E.
+ SuperStraps
+ 3D Molded Tongue

Size Chart

Ronix Krush with Halo

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings - Women's 

Wakeboard Size Chart







125 2.3 18-24 16.3 733 Up to 110
130 2.4 19-25 16.4 757 Up to 125
135 2.5 19.5-25.5 16.7 787 120-160
140 2.6 21-27 16.9 836 150-190

Bindings Size Chart

W6-8.5 3.5-6 36.5-39.5 22-24
W8-10.5 5.5-8 38.5-42 24-27