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2024 HO LTD TPU Water Ski Rope & Handle

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 The LTD Handle is built with a 4-way weave constructed rope, TPU endcaps to reduce handle roll and add to handle durability. It’s offered in 1-inch diameter standard or Arc handle bars, for those who like the bent style grip. A great all-around handle option for recreational riders to tournament ready skiers. The 70’ 8-section LTD Mainline features AWSA color coded rope lengths from longline through 39.5’ off(10.75m), giving users a single rope to cover beginners through the super advanced tournament skiers. It’s a great all around rope for general boating, constructed in pre-stretched 80 strand rope with shortening loops that are easy to detach/attach.

New TPU endcap

Available in Standard or ARC

Standard 1 Inch Diameter Grip

4 Way Weave Construction

8 Section AWSA Approved Tow Rope

80 Strand Pre-Stretched

Length ID Sleeves

Detachable Sections

One Size