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2023 Radar Lyric Water Ski

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Original price $499.99
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Radar Lyric Water Ski

Ladies, the Lyric will be your new best friend! This level-riding, auto-turning, mellow ski is designed to make your skiing experiences effortless and exhilarating. The Lyric has two extra tenths of an inch for added balance and support. Crafted with an ultra lightweight carbon at the core, it's soft and simple to turn. Ski between 26-34 MPH and feel the freedom and fun of easy turns!


All-Terrain Core – Most forgiving construction.
100% Carbon Fiber - Consistent flex every time.

The first thing we addressed on the shape of the ski was the width profile, while keeping the max width of the ski the same; we added more radius to the profile to provide more pivot and rotational pull through the turn. We also added width behind the wide point to keep the ski more level and stable in the turn. This provides the ski with built in tip pressure and reduces the need to “climb” over the ski to make a turn. The ski is now able to move under the line at a quicker rate with a more natural feel. By reducing volume in the tail of the ski we were able to create more leverage that enables the whole ski to move better as a single unit through the turn. This results in attainable angle that can be carried all the way through the finish of the turn. The last adjust-ment in shape was the narrowing of the tip. This combined with our new rocker line enables more bevel contact resulting in a secure feeling that lets you stand over the ski with confidence to rip turns and know the ski will move with you from apex to center line.

By increasing the taper of the rocker line fore and aft of the flat spot we en-larged the sweet spot of the ski even more. The flatter the rocker is under-neath your feet the more improved feel and connection you have with your ski. Thus, allowing you to move yourself and the ski better as a single unit. A bigger platform also gives you the ability to be more reactive and dynamic with your movements, ultimately giving you the control to move in and out of the turn with power. The lower rocker in the front half of the ski gives a tru-ly unique feeling. By being flatter to the water you’re able to move over the ski with more confidence knowing that there is more contact, and support built into the ski. As you move over your feet the bevel is engaged and tighter, more consistent turns bring you back under the rope and cross course to the next buoy.

We have been extremely happy with the concave we created in the last shape. The deeper concave with a steeper entry gives the speed and side to side drive a Senate¬¬¬¬ is known for having. Speed is only good if you can control it, and this concave also provides grip that allows the ski to naturally slow down as it enters the turn. This ultimately enables the ski to carry a more con-stant speed through the turn which improves your cadence and rhythm with the boat.

Sharpening the bevel from your feet forward has given the new Senate more grip and control than any ski we’ve created to date. This helps the ski deceler-ate so it can make tighter, more up course turns. It’s important to note that these tighter turns are attainable due to the bevel transition built into the tail of the ski. By softening this bevel behind your feet, the ski can stay more bal-anced so that angle and drive are able to be maintained from the apex of the turn through centerline.

Sidewall height carries constant to provide balance. To keep the ski nimble the sidewall thickness is reduced which also produces the connected, tight turning radius of the ski.

Edge Angle
At two tenths of an inch wider than the Vapor, the width of the Senate allows the ski to roll on edge at a moderate level. This width allows a skier to progress with ease as they instantly feel the balance and control of the bigger riding platform.


This level-riding, auto-turning, mellow ski is designed to make your skiing experiences effortless and exhilarating. Ski between 26-34 MPH and feel the freedom and fun of easy turns!
      63" 340.31 SQ" 6.75" 34 MPH CROSSOVER Up to 130 lbs / Up to 59 kg
      65" 356.58 SQ" 6.91" 34 MPH CROSSOVER 120 to 160 lbs / 54 to 73 kg
      67" 378.86 SQ" 7.12” 34 MPH CROSSOVER 140 – 180 lbs / 63 – 82 kg