Ronix Equipment

Ronix is always striving to create and innovate the wakeboard industry. Check out the latest Ronix equipment available here.
2020 Ronix Bimini Top Surfboard Bag
Increase the storage for your growing quiver of surfboards by making use of the space on your bimini top. Whether you just need more storage for your growing collection of surfboards, or you have boards that are too thick to fit in the racks that came on your boat, Ronix has the answer with their new Bimini Top Surfboard Board Rack. This board carrier doubles as a padded transport when folded up making it easy to get your boards to and from the boat. And once you're on the water, strap it down on your bimini to add some extra storage space. Adds storage for four surfboards, and includes fin pockets to store your fins when boards aren't being ridden. Features Overall Dimensions: 70"L x 63"W Each pocket measures 27"W (without any boards loaded) 4 individual board pockets  4 individual fin/stash pockets Note: You need 4 mounting points to strap this...
2020 Ronix Dempsey Extra Padded Surf Bag 5'2"
DEMPSEY EXTRA PADDED SURF BAG Twice as much padding as any of our other board cases. We want to make sure your surf constructed board can get there safely. Keep your fins on your board with the new 3D fin opening.  UP TO 5' 2"    
2020 Ronix Squadron Half Padded Wakeboard Bag
SQUADRON HALF PADDED BAG A semi-padded board bag with enough features to leave your board with asmile on her face every time you stash her back in the closet.• Durable half padded shell• Shoulder strap• 2 External pockets• Fits any size Ronix wakeboard
2020 Ronix Collateral Non-Padded Wakeboard Bag
COLLATERAL NON-PADDED BAG Other companies may claim their products are tighter but ask yourself, are theirboots the original baseless design that are much comfier and lighter? We alsohave a really nice unpadded board bag at an affordable value.• Internal Pockets• Shoulder Strap• Fits Any Size Ronix Wakeboard
2020 Ronix Sleeping Bag Surf Sock
SLEEPING BAG SURF SOCK Protect your favorite fragile aquatic slasher from the obstructions ofyour day to day rigors.• 2 Sizes: Pointed Nose Up To 5.1ft / Round Nose Up To 6ft

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