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Ronix Vault with District Wakeboard Package 2024

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Ronix Vault with District Wakeboard Package

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings

Vault Wakeboard

A wakeboarder’s foundation just got lighter and more connected to the water. Now, you’ve got two ways to ride. A higher skill level involves edging and driving through the wake with speed and pop, requiring a delicate balance between the pull of the line and the timing of your jump. Or, get a thinner board with more top water speed and less line load, hang a pendulum, and you’ll be surprised how effortless your on and off-water transitions are. Ronix took almost 20% of Vault’s weight off for more water feedback, less swing weight, and easier turns. We designed our boards to match your body’s movement, whether you’re toeside crossed or heelside more in line. Get the perfect foundation with the Ronix Vault with District Wakeboard Package!

District Wakeboard Bindings

The Ronix District wakeboard bindings have an adaptive MainFrame chassis for a perfect-fit experience. Our exclusive Stage 2 high grade foam offers the ideal combination of comfort, adjustability, and resilience. With the District bindings, riders gain excellent support while adapting to multiple sizes. You won't regret it- your feet will thank you!


Vault Wakeboard
+ Construction – Modello
+ Riding Style – Boat Entry Level / Intermediate
+ Energy – Neutral 4
+ Rocker – 3-Stage
+ Fins -4 - 1.7” Hook Fins

District Wakeboard Bindings
+ MainFrame Technology
+ Stage 2 Liner
+ Classic S.O.L.E.
+ AutoLock Technology
+ Chad Sharpe Pro Model

Size Chart

Ronix Vault with District

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings

Wakeboard Size Chart







135 2.5 19.5-25.5 16.7 787 Up to 165
140 2.6 21-27 16.9 836 145-185
145 2.7 22-28 17 875 170-210

 Bindings Size Chart

5-8.5 4-7.5 37-41.5 23-26.5
7.5-11.5 6.5-10.5 40-45.5 25.5-29.5
10.5-14.5 9.5-13.5 44-48.5 28.5-32.5