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Ronix August with August Wakeboard Package 2024

Original price $449.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$449.99 - $449.99
Current price $449.99
Wakeboard Size: 120cm
Binding Size: 2-6
Detailed Description

Ronix August w/ August Wakeboard Package

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings - Girls

Check out this amazing wakeboard package for young girl riders!

August Wakeboard

Every element of this girl's board was meticulously crafted for stability and progress. Thoughtfully conceived by a forward-thinking female wakeboarder, the August wakeboard product celebrates the unique style of boarding required by the next generation of riders. A symmetrical shape with asymmetric features, a thinner, sharper rail for toeside edging, a fuller vertical rail for heelside lift-off - all with extra volume in the ends for natural buoyancy. Crafted with Grom Glass for a lighter feel and less air-resistance, and the perfect rockerline for relaxed balance.

August Wakeboard Bindings

Introducing Ronix's next-gen girl's August wakeboard bindings: loaded with features, easy to enter and supremely comfortable. This is the first of its kind, designed to provide the perfect fit for young riders. Built on our MainFrame platform, and featuring an AutoLock lacing system for effortless tightening. Get ready to experience the future of wakeboarding!


August Wakeboard
+ Construction – Modello
+ Riding Style – Boat Entry Level / Intermediate
+ Energy – Stored Energy 3
+ Rocker – 3-Stage
+ Fins -4 - 1.7” Hook Fins

August Wakeboard Bindings
+ MainFrame Kids Technology
+ AutoLock Technology
+ Stage 1 Liner
+ Classic S.O.L.E.

Size Chart

Ronix August with August

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard with Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings - Girl's

Wakeboard Size Chart

120 2.4 14-20 15.8 674 Up to 95

Bindings Size Chart

K2-6 1.5-5.5 33-38 21.5-24.5