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Radar Cloud Water Mat Inflatable
I AM A CLOUD Now you can sit stand or walk on water… atop your very own Cloud. Our new splash mat is constructed of welded PVC with one valve for inflation. Yes, that’s right, take out the air and pack it away at the end of the day. No more big rolls of inconvenience when you’re done at the lake. The Cloud Mat is modular. A series of zippers around the outside edge allow you to connect multiple mats together into numerous configurations to create your own playground.   CLOUD 5’ X 10’ KEY FEATURES: •Soft flock ink material•26 gauge PVC bladder •6 zippers to attatch multiple Clouds together •Zippers can attatch to Radar Reef•Boston valve •Fun for all ages •Modular design for multiple construction. •Connect as many as you want! •Connect Cloud with the Reef 5’ X 10’