Are you interested in surfing but the nearest beach is miles away? No ocean? No problem! Wakesurfing is the latest exciting watersport taking the world by storm. 

People across the globe are escaping the concrete jungle by venturing into open water and surfing on man-made waves. Not only is wakesurfing great for your physical health, but getting active in the water can also improve your mood and help prevent chronic illnesses too. 

Are you interested in wakeboarding but worried by the thought of locking your feet to the board? If you're looking for a gentler alternative that doesn't involve chunky boots and a heavy board, then wakesurfing will be right up your street. Read our guide to help you find the best wakesurf board and find out more about the sport.

What is Wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is the less tiring, slower version of wakeboarding. Wakeboarding requires strapping your feet into boots and locking them to a mechanism. The surfer is then towed by a speeding boat. If you fall while wakeboarding you can feel it for days afterwards!

There is no paddling involved with wakesurfing and you don't have to wait for waves to appear. The boats used in wakesurfing are designed with mechanisms that allow you to ride a never-ending wave. Falling when wakesurfing is more like falling from a paddleboard. 

How to Wakesurf

Wakesurfing requires very little effort and is more minimalist compared to wakeboarding. You place your bare feet on the board and hang onto the tow rope of a slow moving boat (around 10mph). Once you stand up you can let go and enjoy the ride! 

Though it is much easier than wakeboarding, it is important to respect other boaters and surfers by learning to wakesurf responsibly. Make sure you are informed about the etiquette surrounding wakesurfing before you take the plunge. 

The best part of wakesurfing is how close you can ride to the boat! Friends can cheer you on while you surf the waves and there's no danger of getting caught in a propellor. 

Choosing the Best Wakesurfing Board

Before you start planning your first wakesurfing adventure, you'll need the perfect board, rope and wakesurf boat. 

There are three different types of wakesurfing boards - surf, hybrid and skim. Choosing a reliable and good quality board is essential for a great wakesurfing experience. You may also want to look at buying a wake shaper to help your boat produce bigger waves.

Surf Style Boards

Surf-style wakesurfing boards are the most popular type of boards for beginners. They look similar to a traditional surfboard but are much smaller. Surf-style boards are the easiest to learn on as they are very stable and great at catching waves. Phase Five Wakesurfers, Ronix Wakesurf boards, and Hyperlite are the top brands that we carry. 

Surf-style boards aren't just for beginners though. Experienced surfers also enjoy surf-style wakesurfing boards because of their speed and trick capabilities. 

Skim Style Boards

Skim-style wakesurfing boards are most preferred by surfers who love to do tricks in the water. They are smaller and have smaller fins making them ideal for spins and skate-inspired tricks.

Skim-style boards are not recommended for beginners, so if you are just starting out with wakesurfing you might want to wait until you are more comfortable riding the waves before opting for skim style. 

Hybrid Style Boards

Hybrid style boards are a mixture between the surf and skim style wakesurfing boards. The hybrid style offers the best of both boards with the stability of a surf style and the agility of a skim-style board. 

Hybrid boards are a great choice for surfers who want an all-around wakesurfing board that does a little bit of everything. Check out the Hybrid Ronix M50 wakesurfer.

How to Choose the Perfect Wakesurfing Board

If you are a beginner, you won't know what your needs are until you get out and start wakesurfing. The best option for anyone starting out with wakesurfing is to choose a surf-style wakesurf board

Once you've hit the waves and got some experience, you can decide what your requirements are for choosing a board. Consider the style, length, and tail and fin size when looking at boards and how they will affect your ride. 

Some boards even come with wakesurf rope that matches the style of board you have chosen. Wakesurf rope is usually around 65 ft long for beginners and longer for advanced surfers (between 75ft and 85ft).

See our guide to choosing skim or surf style wakesurf boards.

Which is the Best Wakesurf Boat?

The best wakesurfing boats are powerful enough for pros to practice their moves, but steady enough for beginners to learn how to catch a wave. Choosing the right boat for wakesurfing is crucial if you want to practice wakesurfing in a safe manner. 

To wakesurf in a safe manner, you'll need a boat that doesn't have an exposed propellor in the back. Wakesurf boats are also designed with more weight in the rear to create a larger wake for the rider. Some boats even have movable seating to tailor the waves and wakes the surfer's needs. We also recommend looking into ballast bags and wake shapers. See our guide to setting up your boat here.

If you're looking to buy your own wakesurf boat you'll need to assess your storage needs, budget, and other requirements before you start shopping. 

Find Your Perfect Wakesurf Board

Once you have decided what you need to look for in a wakesurf board, you can start shopping around. Do you want the best board for tricks? Or do you want a heavier board for stability?

Whether you're an experienced wakesurfer or a beginner, check out Wakesports Unlimited for all your wakesurfing needs. With a wide range of wakesurf boards for sale and additional wakesurfing equipment, we have an experienced and professional team that can answer any questions you might have about getting started with wakesurfing.


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