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Trucking hauling a wakeboard boat in the southwest

Winter Time Wakeboarding Spots in the Southwest

The Grand Canyon State has more to offer its visitors than just the Grand Canyon. Some lakes offer year-round perfect wakeboarding conditions, while others do not. Wakeboarding is a must-do activity before you leave Arizona, or just while you're visiting the Southwest. 

Below you will find a list of where to wakeboard in Arizona. Some of these places you may be familiar with, while others may be new to you. If you're going wakeboarding with friends or family, check out these spots!

Lake Powell

First on our list is Lake Powell, one of the best watersports lakes with ideal weather and conditions for wakeboarding all year long. A 1967 dam located nearby took ten years to fill up Lake Powell, which illustrates how big it is. In other words, no matter where you are on Lake Powell, it is deep. In addition to blocking the wind, the surrounding canyons also make it an ideal location for wakeboarding in both straight and circular directions. 

The banks of Lake Powell have a few boat launches. You can park and launch at the Wahweap State Line Launch Ramp on the Arizona border, even though most of them are across the border in Utah. Be sure to arrive early because the area tends to draw crowds!

Lake Havasu

A well-known wakeboarding and watersport destination in Western Arizona is Lake Havasu. In addition to being a tributary to the Colorado River, Havasu is deep and wide, making it ideal for boating and pull behind watersports. Whether you want to catch some air or ride straightaway, there is plenty of room for you!

One of the great things about Lake Havasu is that there is almost always flat water due to its size. You can drive over to another section of the lake if the weather makes one part of it choppy. It is also important to note that boats tend to congregate in calmer areas when the weather is bad, so keep that in mind while you are out. 

There are several places to launch your boat on Lake Havasu. There are a few non-motorized boat ramps, and many charge a fee for parking and full-day use. It is recommended to launch from the Site Six Launch Ramp, which is free to use all day long. In any case, there are plenty of paid options that may be more suitable for your needs. 

Bartlett Lake

Bartlett Lake is located in the Tonto National Forest Reserve and is a great watersports destination for families with ideal wakeboarding conditions throughout the year. Its surroundings include rolling desert hills and blue skies, giving wakeboarders more than just their feet to concentrate on when riding. 

It has over 180,000 acres of water when it is full, making it the second largest lake near Phoenix. Wakeboarding boats can hit the water without disturbing any of the other boaters in the area since there is plenty of room. There's enough room here to move if someone gets too close.

Bartlett Lake has a number of launch ramps around the lake, allowing for easy access to the water. Bartlett Lake Marina is the largest, and it offers a restaurant where you can eat breakfast or lunch before fishing. 

Lake Pleasant

As one of the most popular lakes in the Phoenix area, Lake Pleasant attracts more visitors than Bartlett Lake. With a lake this size, wakeboarders and party boaters alike have plenty of room along the shore and on the main body of the lake. 

You don't have to wakeboard all day long to enjoy it. Before heading out on another ride, kick back and relax on the water at Lake Pleasant. This naturally cool lake is perfect for fishing, swimming, and partying. Remember to bring a hat to protect you from the Arizona sun!

Lake Pleasant has many launch ramps you can use to launch your boat. Because the lake is so large, you'll need to choose one that's close to where you'd like to ride. Also, you will want to check the water before getting in. In some areas, the wind conditions may make it impossible to ride your planned route.

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is the place for you and your friends if you're looking for adventure. Despite its beauty, the drive usually keeps potential tourists away. Due to the narrow, winding roads and cliffside scenery, it is relatively dangerous for travel. As soon as you get there, however, you'll realize why it's worth it. 

The length of Canyon Lake makes it near-perfect for wakeboarding straightaway. The area is surrounded by amazing desert vegetation and beautiful hills, which help block the wind from messing with your ride. 

To access Canyon Lake, you’ll need a pass to get into the Tonto National Forest. There are two boat launch sites available, the Laguna Boat Ramp and the Palo Verde Boat Launch. It's best to get here early so you can catch the perfect morning conditions, even if there aren't as many people at this spot.

Patagonia Lake

Patagonia Lake is quite possibly the best for wakeboarding in Southern Arizona. The pristine natural waters of this lake can be found 70 miles south of Tucson, a popular destination for wakeboarding, water skiing, and tube riding. 

It is important to know that there is a no-wake zone on the eastern shores of Patagonia Lake. The western side is a fantastic location for wakeboarding, but there is limited space for motorized boats. You should arrive early to ensure you have a good spot!

If you're also camping at Patagonia Lake, then your boat launch fee is included in the campsite entry fee. If not, you can purchase a day pass to access the lake. The park rangers can tell you which boat ramp is best for wakeboarding that day. 

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