IT IS FINALLY HERE! The one thing everyone has been waiting for!

After years of research and development, Ronix has finally unveiled their latest Wake foiling masterpiece this year in 2023: the Shift Foil! Wake foiling has been steadily gaining momentum across the watersports industry for the past couple of years and Ronix has raised the bar once again with this game-changing product.

The Shift Foil is the world’s only telescoping adjustable mast and offers two different wing categories from which to choose - Balance and Speed - both appealing to a wide range of riders. This is a tremendous option for anyone looking to discover their personal preferences in Wake foiling.

Experience a whole new dimension of Wake foiling with the versatile, performance-driven design of Ronix's Shift Foil that is sure to revolutionize Watersports forever! In this blog, we are going to go over the different wake foil masts Ronix has come out with, the differences between the balance and speed wings, and obviously dig even deeper into the “Shift” foil. So, zip up those life vests, and let’s get really to shred. 

ronix shift wake foil

Back to the basics: What is wake foiling exactly? 

Wake foiling is an engaged activity that combines the fun of traditional wakesurfing with the latest technology. Wake foils are unique mast-mounted wing systems that attach to a regular wakesurf board, much like the air chair we used to see back in the day. The wake foil is a wing system, with a similar effect to the wings of an airplane, except these ones are submerged in water to achieve lift at lower speeds.

Unlike other watersports, wake foiling doesn’t limit you to what type of boat you have. It can be done behind any moving water vessel such as a wake boat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, or even a jet ski since you do not need a ton of speed to create that lift and glide. Wake foil riders can have a great time exploring this cutting-edge invention and push themselves to new levels. 

Check out our other blogs to learn more about the basics of Wake foil surfing. Now let’s get to the good stuff. 

Ronix Wake foil Mast size

We will go more in-depth about the Ronix “Shift” wake foil mast later in this blog but for right now, we are going to introduce you to the fluid mast series. Stay high, stay consistent, and stay fluent. Low speeds, lift, and travel usually overrides arguably the most important aspect of your mast. The flow is a shape manifested with a built-in metronome to keep a consistent and prolonged cadence.

When Ronix set out to design this advanced series of different masts, they were looking for an effortless turn like you are ripping powder with that buttery smooth feeling and they certainly succeeded. The temperament of this mast will see you through the progression of flight on the first, all the way to the exploration of the fifth wave back. A fluid session will always have you feeling in control of your ride as you comfortably stand upright in your natural wake foil surfing position.

The 24” mast size is the average beginner masts size, with enough height to begin your flight journey and enough vertical travel to experience port-to-starboard transfers. The 28” mast is the perfect design and length for advanced riders who are looking for an effortless turn with enough pumping power for long-distance transfers.  

Keep reading, we still need to dig deeper into the different wings, and later on, we will introduce the “Shift” wake foil. 

Foil Wings

When talking about wake foil, you want to consider lift and speed. These two design theories are based on the science behind aspect ratios but first, let’s give you some definitions of the new Ronix wing structures. 

Birdwing – Longer wingspan with a narrower depth outline allows flight over long distances without as much flapping or in our case pumping. 

SpeedwingHigher aspect ratio. As speed increases wingspans expand and get narrower, flatter, and more streamlined at the end. 

BirdwingMidwingspan. A deep-depth outline allows it to sore with reliability while the elliptical outline creates a quicker reacting turn. 

Balance WingMid aspect ratio. As stability increases, wingspans shorten, get wider, are more elliptical, and curl up at the end. 

With years in the making, Ronix has launched two different series of foils in 2023, the mid-aspect balance series as well as the higher aspect ratio speed series line of wings. Let’s dig a little deeper into the two. 

The Balance Front Wing has a rhythmic flow with a sequence of movements. A common theme in analyzing surf foils is getting the great drive and lift but having a hard time controlling it. The board will skyrocket to the top, punch to the bottom, or somewhere in between.

The Balance series foil wing will ask you what floor on the elevator you want to attend and most importantly will keep you there. A nimble turn that will easily roll over the edge with its elliptical outline and additional width, will quickly set you in the sweet spot and keep you on your specified flight pattern. It will do this with a quicker reacting edge hold.

The Balance front wing is available in two different sizes, a more responsive 1300cm size or a 1600cm size for added lift. 

The Speed Front Wing has a rapidity of motion to be strong and to be lively unparallel drive. This series was created for experienced riders with a wake foiling background looking for top-line speed and greater pumping efficiency. You will instantly notice the increased response and the output it provides. Not only can you pump easier with the speed edition, but each push also generates significantly more energy. A striking hydrodynamic design created to amplify your path of fourth-wave adventures.

The speed series is available in 1330cm

Stabilizers and Shims

The Ronix rear stabilizer, also known as the navigator, acts as your wake foils voice of reason. It is mounted on the back of your 3D fuselage. The rear stabilizers are there to conduct your voyage as you navigate the water with your foil board. The navigator helps you steer the wake foil board and bail you out of a jam when you are off-axis. This navigator comes in a hybrid carbon construction on the foil setup. 

What is a shim? A shim is a small metal piece that goes between the stabilizer and the fuselage on the wake foils wing. Ronix has two shims available, one for speed (negative) and the other for added lift (positive). Every Ronix foil has the rear stabilizer mounted under the fuselage already. 

The negative shim will raise the height of the trailing edge of your rear stabilizer. You create drag but increase the overall lift, stability, and responsiveness of your ride. With the positive shim, you decrease the height of the trailing edge of your rear stabilizer. With this, you will notice increased glide and overall speed which makes a looser less stable. Some beginners to more experienced riders prefer a negative shim whereas more advanced riders would prefer a positive shim.

Which surf foil is right for you, you ask? Some of our best foil sessions haven’t even involved a shim. A shim is by no means a mandatory accessory for your foil. The Ronix foil has a great combination of lift and speed on its own. 

DISCLAIMER: Please DO NOT stress or obsess over the shim as it is not a necessary piece to enjoy your surf foil boards. We are just here to give you all the information about Ronix’s new surf foils.  

Now that we have the different wings and stabilizers covered, it is time to talk about the one and only, Ronix Shift wake foil.

Introducing the "Shift" Wake Foils by Ronix

 ronix SHIFT foil size guide

For several decades people have experienced the sensation of flight. It is difficult to beat the sense of levitating a couple of feet from the water's surface but the hurdle has also been a taller mast is more rewarding but infinitely more difficult to learn on. You do not learn how to snowboard or ski on double black diamond runs but up until now, that has been our only option in wake foiling. Therefore Ronix has changed the wakefoiling industry for the better by creating the world’s only telescoping adjustable mast.

Now you can have a mast that grows with you as you progress through the three major aspects of wakefoiling. Three options in one to take you through the evolution. 

Exploring the Three Settings of the Shift Wake Foil for Foil Surfing

Setting One at 14” tall: The deep water start edition. 14 inches is the perfect height to begin your adventure of wake foiling. Countless people have been struggling for years on a traditional mast height of 24 inches but have had great success on this reduced height, myself included.

  • Setting 1 sensation: skimming over the water. You are still floating above the water, but you do not have nearly the magnified sensation on your starts as you would with most conventional mast heights. Once you feel comfortable with your starts at this height, we encourage you to go to setting number two. 

Setting two at 17” tall: The turning edition. You have now graduated from the beginning phase and feel comfortable with your starts. Now you can learn to shift your body weight, weight distribution, body position, your ideal stance, and how to open your hips and shoulders up to the boat, all the while holding onto the handle. This setting is all about building the correct foundation that will carry you through every level of wake foiling. We encourage you to stay at this setting until you feel solid with the right equipment, and key points and have comfortable heel-side, and toe-side turns without involving the wave. 

  • Setting 2 sensation: floating over the water. 

To learn more techniques on the correct stances and other tips, visit our blog. (hyperlink “blog” to wakefoiling 101 blog once posted). Delete big letters when finished. 

Setting three at 20” tall: The wave edition. You have your starts and the basic fundamentals of wake foiling in your back pocket. Welcome to the highest setting! While on the second wave with a roughly 80-foot rope, we encourage you to be outside of the wave and gradually edge in, all while holding onto the handle. This setting will more than likely take some time but the goal is to understand where the force is coming from. You will need to adjust your weight and movements to these new forces. Once you feel like you understand the habits of the waves and how you need to adjust for them, drop the handle and begin flying! 

  • Setting 3 sensation: Flying

The Ronix 727 Koal Surface Foil Board: Designed for Wakefoiling

Lastly, the board that the foil attaches to is Ronix 727 Koal Surface foil board. 

  • Available in 4’1” or 4’8” length 
  • 10” track length with industry standard 3.5” width between tracks
  • Foil-specific compression molded design- all attributes of the rocker, bevel, profile, and swing weight were designed specifically for wakefoiling. 

Becoming an Expert in Wake Foil Boards: Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Congratulations! You are now an expert in wake foil boards. You are ready to try the bigger masts of the 24” and 28” fluid masts as we discussed earlier in the blog. Check out these diagrams below to help you better understand what we are talking about and more importantly, have fun out there on the water! 

ronix shift wake foil board



 ronix shift foil assembly

ronix shift foil diagram 

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***Just remember that wakefoiling is fundamentally different from most towed watersports. So please do not get frustrated as it takes time to succeed. Be patient and remember it is a new, fun, liberating experience that you are going to enjoy on the water. 

Let’s get behind the boat and we will see you all out on the water!