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Ronix Wake R8 Mainline Wakeboard Rope

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Find the perfect tow length with the Ronix Wake R8 Mainline Wake Rope. This water sports rope boasts an impressive total length of 80 feet with seven take-off sections. With buoyancy technology, this water sports rope floats on top of the water for easy retrieval. Constructed from Dyneema core material, you can be confident this Ronix rope is super durable. With the Ronix Wake R8 Mainline Wake Rope, you'll be ready to take on the wake surf challenge.


8-section floating mainline
Abrasion free, snag-resistant cover
Ultra-thin round silicone-coated cover
Buoyancy technology causes the rope to float
Rope Length: 80 ft.
Rope Material: 100% Dyneema core
One 45 ft. section
One 10 ft. take off section
Four 5 ft. take off sections
Two 2.5 ft. take off sections