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Liquid Force M.E. with Scan Wakeboard Package 2024

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Liquid Force M.E. Wakeboard

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard - Meagan Ethell Pro Model

The Liquid Force M.E. wakeboard is Meagan Ethell's pro model wakeboard that packs a powerful punch with a great selection of user-friendly features! Featuring quad molded-in fins for extra hold when you need it, and a Progressive 3-Stage Rocker to give you the pop you desire, plus a single to double concave center to soften landings for big-time fun. This is the perfect board for any lady that wants to step up their boat-riding game and go big like Meagan Ethell!

- The Double Inside a Single Concave (D-I-S-C) Hull provides riders with softer landings, who doesn’t like the feeling of landing on clouds – right?
- As riders progress from Novice to Intermediate Riding, you can remove the center replaceable fin to unlock even more of the board’s potential! Keep it in for a tighter feel on the water or remove for a looser and more fluid experience.
- Quad V Tip Channels - Focuses Water Flow Through Tip/Tail for Faster Tracking While on Edge.
- Equipped with 3-Position M6 Inserts
- Optimized with Liquid Force 6X/6R Bindings
- Universal Compatibility with All Bindings Featuring 6" Mounting Spread

Liquid Force Scan 6X Wakeboard Bindings

Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings

Riding with confidence is within reach with the upgrade of the Liquid Force Scan 6X Wakeboard Bindings. Boasting an adjustable Velcro “Power Strap," you can customize the level of support to match your riding style. Unlike the Classic model, the Scan 6X provides a softer support, helping you progress and refine tricks with added forgiveness. Take a stance of certainty and focus on growth with the Scan 6X™.

- The Liquid Force 6X™ Chassis system is a state of the art 6" wide mounting platform. Created by a dream team of world class athletes and Relentless designers, the 6X™ Chassis is the foundation for lightweight, comfortable, and responsive bindings for Boat and Cable riders alike.
- The “Power Strap” – Allows you dial in the amount of support your style of riding needs. Tighten it down for extra support or ride with the strap looser for more mobility.
- Honeycomb Flex Floor and TPE Impact Dampening Base keep things smooth underfoot and add shock absorbers to your ride. The Honeycomb floor also doubles as full-length chassis water drainage system.
- Integrated EVA Comfort Liner - Uses supple foam for comfort while still giving plenty of support. 2.5° cant keeps your body properly aligned while strapped in with less stress on your knees.
- Universally Compatible with 6" Inserts and LF FlexTrack Wakeboards.


Liquid Force M.E. Wakeboard

- Progressive 3-Stage Rocker
- Precision PU Foam Core
- D-I-S-C Hull: Double-Inside-Single Concave Into Slight "V"
- Tip/Tail Shape: Diamond Square Tail
- Molded-In Quad Fins | Removable Center Fin

Liquid Force Scan 6X Wakeboard Bindings

- 6X™ Chassis System
- Wide Fit | Medium Flex
- Velcro Top "Power Strap" | Single Zone Lacing w/ Hex Lock
- Upper Cuff Flex Zone
- Honeycomb Flex Floor
- Full-length Chassis Water Drainage System
- TPE Impact Dampening Base w/ Contoured Impact EVA Canted Footbed
- Comfort Integrated EVA Liner
- Sustainable Assembly - Glue-less Locking Frame

Size Chart

Liquid Force M.E. with Scan

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings 

Wakeboard Size Chart 

Length (cm) Width (in) Surface Area (in2) Rocker (in) Stance 6X/6R (in) Weight Range (lbs)
130 16.6 738 2.4 19 - 23 50 - 120
134 16.8 773 2.5 20 - 24 70 - 140
138 17.2 817 2.6 21 - 25 100 - 170

Bindings Size Chart 

5 - 7 35.5 - 38 3 - 5
6 - 9 37 - 40.5 4 - 7