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2024 Ronix Flyweight Pro MOD 84 Foilboard w/ Velo 29" Mast - Speed Edition 1330cm Wing

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Get ready to experience a revolutionary sensation with the Ronix Flyweight Pro MOD 84 Foilboard. This incredible board is designed to shift your weight forward, allowing for faster and more powerful pumps. With a thicker profile and deep V design, this board quickly cuts through the water's surface, propelling you forward with each swing. Its exaggerated bevel effortlessly pushes water away, giving you the ability to rise and create unstoppable momentum. Say hello to a faster, lighter, and more responsive board that will elevate your riding to new heights!


This series of foils was designed for experienced riders who value speed and efficiency above all else. Experience unparalleled drive and responsiveness as you glide through the water. The new low stall speed feature on the Speed Wing allows for easier pumping and increased energy output. Unlike other fast wings, this one has a concave bottom that maintains momentum even at slower speeds or in flat water. With a striking design, this foil will take your wave adventures to the next level. While this smaller size may not have the natural lift of the larger version, it offers a higher level of agility and speed in both turns and straight lines. Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill with the Ronix Speed Edition 1330cm Wing.



Welcome to the building block of your high-end thrill from some groundbreaking technology. Countless suppliers, years of sourcing, and hundreds of prototypes (we miss you white lightning) led to this – the spirit of carbon working in a way we only dreamed imaginable. Unprecedented drive down the line, harnessed with a hard charging hairpin arc as you make hundreds of feet from your boat a levitating aquatic gymnasium. Fabricating a lightweight carbon mast is easy. Crafting an electrifying mindreading device that will predict your next and every move – that requires a persevering dedication to transcendent materials and processes. This was arguably the biggest undertaking in the history of Ronix. We needed a spread toe carbon fiber that would evenly disperse the energy in a way we haven’t ever experienced in a traditional carbon fiber, then we applied each laminate in its own unique degree of angle that will highlight your every move. This is where the name Shadow came about; as we started to ride our rotating clockwork of laminates, we noticed the mast was mimicking our movemevnts, not fighting our weight changes. How does this happen? Anti-twist – there is so much torsional strain happening while foiling, and your mast is constantly fighting with this stress. So, we created a truly anti-twist layup that will always put you in the driver’s seat of your motions. Last but not least, is Velo – short for velocity. You can now transfer to the 4th wave with the same ease as you could our aluminum mast on the second wave. A dedication to natural glide wrapped in this new 29” design.


Within the inner world of prone surfing there has been recent rumblings of a new theory in stabilizer designs. The thought is to have a pronounced concave on the top of the stabilizer – this pocket makes for a faster overall design but more importantly it greatly improves the stall speed. Even if you aren’t in the power zone of the wave or in a powerfully executed stride of pumping, this new shape gives you that safety net to regain your composure to then gain momentum or added height. The result is the fastest wing we have ever designed – but more importantly a wing that will give you that extra time you need to keep flying back to your intended location. In addition to having more momentum than the balance version – this design will break free easier and generate a much tighter turning radius.


The Link is the intersection to the mast, front wing and rear stabilizer with perfection in every nuance. This streamlined conical design achieves the highest marks of anything we have ever tested in rigidity and water efficiency. A strong efficient link is in many ways the driving force to a smooth predictable foiling experience. This version is made with our premier form of manufacturing and materials with O2 infusion and Shadow Carbon.

+ Mod84 Foil Board
+ Shadow Carbon Velo Mast – 29” Height
+ Shadow Carbon Link Fuselage – 39 cm Length
+ Shadow Carbon Speed Front Wing – 1330 cm2
+ Shadow Carbon Speed Rear Stabilizer – 180 cm2
+ Padded Foil Kit Bag – Complete with labeled compartments for all components
+ Removable Front & Rear Wing Protectors
+ Hardware / Case – Complete with neatly labeled displays for all hardware
+ T Handle Tool – 1 tool adjusts all fasteners
+ Fuselage Tip Protector
+ +1° Shim & -1° Shim
+ Anti-Seize Grease


The setup for people that like to hit the turbo button when they’re riding.

 Designed with speed and precision in mind, this board boasts a lightweight and responsive design that will propel you forward with incredible momentum. Take your foiling to the next level with the Flyweight Pro MOD 84.


MOD84 Flyweight Pro  3'9  16.6  2.5"  .5"  19"  UP TO 170  ALL SIZES
MOD84 Flyweight Pro  4'2  21.1  2.9"  .5"  19"  UP TO 200  ALL SIZES