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2024 Hyperlite Frother 2.0 Wakesurf Board

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Hyperlite Frother 2.0 Wakesurf Board

Experience the all-new Hyperlite Frother 2.0 Wakesurf Board! Handmade epoxy technology has revived this classic twin fin design, creating an explosive ride with loads of speed and maneuverability. With its wide rocket tail, the Frother offers the perfect combination of float and response, and the single to double concave channels water like a dream for effortless glides down the line. Feel the lively energy beneath you as you push through your maneuvers – the Frother 2.0 will have you feeling like you can take on the world!


- Epoxy Construction
- Twin Fin Design
- Single to Double concave channels
- Rocket Tail

Hyperlite Frother 2.0

Surf Style Wakesurfer
The Hyperlite Frother wakesurf board is a twin fin surf style board with wide rocket tail creating extra speed and drive into the wake. The Fother is perfect for someone who is looking to do explosive turns and airs in the wake.

Size Chart

4'6" FROTHER 20.9 SWALLOW TAIL 19.5 2.75" TIP / .56" TAIL UP TO 190
4'8" FROTHER 22.2 SWALLOW TAIL 20.0 2.76" TIP / .56" TAIL UP TO 220
5' FROTHER 24.3 SWALLOW TAIL 20.5 2.9" TIP / .6" TAIL UP TO 250