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Radar Lithium Vapor w/ Double Vector Boa Water Ski Package 2023

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Built from the same mold as our Pro Build, the Lithium features our Vapor shape with a PVC Core. PVC has stood the test of time and is proven as a high-quality core material. An amazing ski at a more affordable price, a win-win in every sense of the term. The Lithium construction is built to be a course ski between 30-36 MPH and is fully capable of ripping anything from 15-41 off, get after it!

The Vapor reigns supreme when it comes to feel on the water. We created a ski that feels truly automatic in the turns. Simply ride the line out to apex, release a hand, turn, and off you go to the other side. The ski can be turned from any position and has led skiers to say there’s no sweet spot, rather an infinite area to make incredibly tight turns. More side-to-side power combined with these automatic turns yields a softer, more flowy overall feel than any ski we’ve produced to date. The balance this ski creates allows a skier to make mistakes yet still move the ski underneath them to maintain speed and direction. This Vapor will have you running earlier lines than you ever imagined; just rip and repeat.
  • PVC Core – Tested and proven response.
  • Sigmatex Carbon – Consistent flex every time.
  • Bio Resin – Plant based and better.
  • Race Base – Earlier lines and easier turns.
  • Enduro Tip/Tail – Built for speed.
  • Radar Lab Made – Thanks Herb.
66" 355.36 SQ" 6.85" 36 MPH COURSE 125-180 LBS / 56-81 KG
67" 366.21 SQ" 6.96" 36 MPH COURSE 160-200 LBS / 73-91 KG
68" 377.22 SQ" 7.06" 36 MPH COURSE 180-220 LBS / 82-100 KG
69.5" 394.05 SQ" 7.21" 36 MPH COURSE 200+ LBS / 90+ KG

Small (5-8)

Standard (7-11)

XL (10-14)