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2022 HO Syndicate Pro Water Ski Handle

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Built for those looking for the most out of their slalom handle, the Syndicate PRO handle is the connection you need to perform your best. It features a Rope Protection Sleeve that prevents rope wear from sharp ski edge and prevents handle roll for superior connection. It’s Spiral Weave Construction eliminates rope twist and reduces water retention while the increased triangle geometry makes for less miss-grips. To top it off, the PRO handle features our tackiest handle rubber yet, designed for the best wet grip connection.

Rope Protection Sleeve

Spiral weave construction

Increased triangle geometry

Our tackiest rubber yet

Syndicate Pro Team's handle of choice

12" Grip .940" Diameter
12" Grip 1.00" Diameter
12" Grip 1.062" Diameter
12" Grip 1.100" Diameter
13" Grip .940" Diameter
13" Grip 1.00" Diameter
13" Grip 1.062" Diameter
13" Grip 1.100" Diameter