The Eight.3 Ronix Wake Shaper for the Best Wakesurfing on a Budget

You want the best surf for wakesurfing - not washed out waves. That’s why we’re sharing the Ronix Eight.3 Wave Shaper and how it creates the best surf. Not only that, it has a concave feature that helps your boat have better fuel efficiency. That means great savings on fuel for you.

Get excited because the Ronix wakeshaper is easy to mount and delivers truly premier surf wake; this can be seen in the Before and After of this great Ronix wakeboarding equipment.


What's up guys, I'm Tony here, from Wakesports, to talk to you about the Eight.3 Wakeshaper today. It's the best way to get the wakesurf wake you've always wanted, without spending a fortune.

Personally, I've had it on my boat with the SDSU wakesurf team for about two years now. We all love it. We all surf behind it; it's amazing.

A couple of cool features about this product here - I'll show you - is it has a concave hole right here; this feature allows it to get great fuel efficiency and also displace a lot of water for your wakesurf wake.

This has the velcro that attaches on the side of your boat; it’s how it mounts. It has two strips; they're industrial strength velcro. It'll never fall off. You have no worries about that like those suction cup ones out there. You mount this on your boat, on both sides of the velcro, and you place it on the opposite side you are trying to surf at.

So if I'm left foot forward, I place it on the right side of my boat, and it displaces that rooster tail all way to the right side of the boat. And, it lengthens that whole sweet spot, so you get a big wake you can pump in and out of it - and just stay in that wake. If I'm right foot forwards, I put it on my left side of the boat.

It comes in two different sizes this year. This is the standard size, and that's the XL version, as well.

We just went out with one of our Wakesports customers who was really dissatisfied with his wakesurf wake. As you can see in the next video, it's a really washed out, really bad wake. You can't even surf behind it. He recently purchased an Eight.3 XL from us for his 24 and a half foot wakesetter. He now loves it. As you can see in the next video, it's an amazing wake that peaks perfectly. You can surf behind it, pump in and out. You can see the before and after shot right here. As you can see, it's a night and day difference between the wake surfer before and after.

If you're ever interested in upgrading your wakesurf wake, definitely consider the Eight.3 Wake Shaper.

Come see us at Wakesports. We're always here to help set you up, talk shop and get you set up with what you love for this summer.