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Shop a variety of wakeskates from some of the top watersport brands in the industry including Ronix, Liquid Sports and more.
Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate 2019
ROVE KARVER Ever wanted to strip everything off a deck, slap some big ol’ fins on the back, chuck your boots and just go for a soul turn sesh? More surface area and deeper fins than any of our other skates - giving you the stability of your favorite longboard to shred an effortless cutback. It’s not always about the wake - sometimes it’s the path you take to get there. Upshift a gear with the most affordable, fast, and reliable ride in our line. A 3 fin design ready to bury the rail. Blended Rocker EVA Top Deck
Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate 2019
ELECTRIC COLLECTIVE Created with a smooth, explosive lift similar to the Boomstick, with built-in concave/kicktail for skaters looking for stability and board control. Without being anymore sensationalized than we already are, we think we found a way to bottle the emotion of the “it” factor. An electrifying marine dance that our forefathers could only dream of. Hybrid Rocker EVA Top Deck Moderately Obese Technology Two .8” Wakeskate Fins
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