Wakeboard Packages

Wakeboard Equipment Packages

We offer a variety of wakeboard equipment packages for men, women, and kids from some of the tops brands in the watersport industry including Ronix, Liquid Force, CWB and more.
Ronix Weekend Wakeboard w/ Anthem Bindings 2019
Weekend Like the 3-stage rocker amplitude storyline of the Darkside, but would rather have a stripped down all-foam alternative? We proudly present the new Weekend, a lighter, more traditional feel and snap off the wake at a more affordable value. Sits deeper on edge, for a more stable connection between rider, board, and the waterline. • Increased Sidecut • G&R Technology • Concave Bottom • Variable Rail • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins   Anthem Our most advanced open toe boot combines all of our newest engineering marvels into one. Built on our new Mainframe and wrapped in Super Straps, the Anthem Boot blends the support of a closed toe design with the option to fit multiple sizes. The best fitting open toe bootsto date bring performance and adjustability to a new level, and have never looked so good. • MainFrame Technology • Super Straps • Stage 2 Liner •...
Ronix Krush Wakeboard w/ Luxe Bindings 2019
KRUSH BOARD Wakeboarding is the only board sport where your shoulders and hips are not always parallel with each other. This innovative Krush recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toeside, and more inline riding heelside, and every design aspect of this board takes this into consideration for the proper building block of wakeboarding. A thinner profile and lighter glass layup for reduced swing weight in the air, and more contact/feel with the water, along with a rockerline that naturally puts you underneath the board in a more centered position. • 3-Stage Rocker • Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail • 2 Fiberglass 1.7” Hook Fins LUXE BOOT Affordable luxury never felt so right. Why do you think we called it the Luxe? Built on our MainFrame with ultra-light, ultra-cush, Stage 1 foam, the Luxe is a top-of-the-line universal boot with a price that is easy...
Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard w/ Transit Bindings 2019
Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard and Transit Bindings Combo This is the board that every pro on our team has ridden and maybe still would if they didn’t have a pro model with characteristics from this timeless shape. The mellow 3 stage rocker helps you go big off the wake while the spiral V mid-section displaces the water for soft landings. The lifted variable edge and quad vented channels at the tips give you optimal response and control. Ride with the center fin for extra control and bite or remove it for a fun, playful feel. Built and designed for fun on the water, this board has a performance feel yet has forgiveness off the wake for learning new tricks and taking your ability to the next level. Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight 130 51.4"130.4 cm 16.4"41.7 cm 2.2"5.6 cm 20.0" - 24.0"50.8 - 61.0 cm 70 - 140...
Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard w/ Transit Bindings 2018
$279.99 $399.99
The Jett is a great shape for all levels of riding. This board naturally puts the rider into a comfortable centered, yet tail heavy position. This position helps riders used to a continuous rocker board step into the world of 3 Stage boards without feeling like the ride is too aggressive. Stable and comfortable under foot, this board will help you push your riding to the next level. Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight 132 52.2"132.6 cm 16.5"41.9 cm 2.2"5.6 cm 20.0" - 24.0"50.8 - 61.0 cm 70 - 150 lbs32 - 68 kg 136 53.5"136.0 cm 16.8"42.6 cm 2.6"6.6 cm 21.5" - 25.5"54.6 - 64.8 cm 90-180 lbs40 - 82 kg     The TRANSIT is a classic that gets you to where you need to go! A solid chassis, dual lace zones, impact EVA... this binding has it all. High-end features at a great value, the TRANSIT...
Liquid Force Jett Wakeboard and Women's Transit Bindings Combo 2017
$259.99 $399.99
Solid and comfortable under foot is how the Jett is most often described. This shape is forgiving yet responsive to help you throughout your levels of progression. The 3-Stage Rocker will provide that air time needed to continually push your riding. Serious progression is in your future once you strap into the JETT! Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight 132 52.2"132.6 cm 16.5"41.9 cm 2.2"5.6 cm 20.0" - 24.0"50.8 - 61.0 cm 70 - 150 lbs32 - 68 kg 136 53.5"136.0 cm 16.8"42.6 cm 2.6"6.6 cm 21.5" - 25.5"54.6 - 64.8 cm 90-180 lbs40 - 82 kg The TRANSIT is a mid-level binding with high-end performance features to make your growth progression as fun as possible! Smooth flex, a sleek profile and a dual lace system are all part of the TRANSIT’s make-up. Throw in the IPX chassis and impact EVA, you know that the TRANSIT is extra comfortable...
Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard w/ Plush Bindings 2018
$249.99 $369.99
Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard and Plush Bindings Combo The Angel is the ultimate woman’s board for any level of rider. If you are a beginner to advanced rider, looking for a continuous rocker board with great pop, this board will help take your riding to the next level. It comes with a removable center fin for extra stability or ride it with the just the molded-in side fins for a looser feel. The Angel is a great board for anyone one the boat and it won’t break the bank. Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight 130 51.3"130.3 cm 16.5"41.9 cm 2.3"5.8 cm 19.0" - 23.0"48.3 - 58.4 cm 60 - 120 lbs27 - 55 kg 134 52.8"134.2 cm 16.8"42.5 cm 2.4"6.0 cm 20.0" - 24.0"50.8 - 61.0 cm 90-150 lbs40 - 68 kg 138 54.3"138.0 cm 17.0"43.2 cm 2.4"6.2 cm 21.0" - 25.0"53.3 - 63.5 cm 130 - 190...
Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard w/ Dream Bindings 2018
$209.99 $329.99
  DREAM The Fury and Dream are all about helping kids progress and improve their riding. As they grow, the boards grow with them. The 115 has mellow continuous rocker with a soft edge, the 120 features an aggressive continuous rocker with a subtle sharpness to the edge, and the 125 has a hybrid rocker with a sharper edge for that larger wake. Each board is offered with a grind base option, so whether it’s the lake or the park, the Fury and Dream will help take your groms riding to the next level. Size Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight Core 120 47.2"120.0 cm 15.6"39.5 cm 2.1"5.4 cm 16.0" - 20.0"40.6 - 50.8 cm 40 - 85 lbs18 - 39 kg PU 125 49.2"125.0 cm 16.0"40.6 cm 2.3"5.8 cm 18.0" - 22.0"45.7 - 55.9 cm 60 - 110 lbs27 - 50 kg PU   The DREAM binding is...
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