Wakeboard Packages

Wakeboard Equipment Packages

We offer a variety of wakeboard equipment packages for men, women, and kids from some of the tops brands in the watersport industry including Ronix, Liquid Force, CWB and more.
Liquid Force Melissa Wakeboard w/ Women's 4D Trek Bindings 2018
Liquid Force Melissa Wakeboard and Women's 4D Trek Bindings Combo   "IT'S NICE TO ONLY NEED ONE BOARD THAT IS PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF RIDING."... MELISSA MARQUARDT It’s easy to see why Melissa Marquardt has been one of the biggest names in wakeboarding year after year! She has unmatched style and skill in all categories, whether it’s riding behind the boat, at the cable, or a solid winching session, Melissa rips in all settings and her board is designed to handle it all! Her board’s continuous rocker profile allows for a smooth ride up the wake and soft landings on the other side. This forgiving profile matched with the LF exclusive grind base and durable construction gives the quick confidence she needs to go big behind the boat, to hit rails in the park, and to whip in to the perfect winching spot. Now with the all-new FlexTrack system,...
Liquid Force Timba Wakeboard w/ Classic Bindings 2019
TIMBA The Timba features an all wood CNC core, continuous rocker for smooth edging and a predictable kick off the wake for boat riders. If park is more your thing, this board comes stock with our durable LF exclusive Grind Base for hitting features. Boat or park, this board does sit all. M6 Inserts Full Wood CNC'd Core Radius Liquid Rail Sidewalls Triax Glass Layup Continuous Rocker LF Exclusive Grind Base IPX Compatible Only Size Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight Core 136 53.5" 136.0 cm 16.6" 42.2 cm 21.0" - 25.0" 53.3 - 63.5 cm 120 - 180 lbs 40 - 82 kg Wood 140 55.1" 140.0 cm 16.9" 43.0 cm 22.0" - 26.0" 55.9 - 66.0 cm 140 - 210 lbs 63 - 95 kg Wood 144 56.7" 144.0 cm 17.2" 43.8 cm 22.5" - 26.5" 57.2 - 67.3 cm 160 - 230 lbs 72 - 105...
2020 Liquid Force Angel with Plush Bindings
ANGEL BOAT BOARD The Angel has a fuller tip shape for more pop than ever before. The D-I-S-C hull has longer molded-in fins that improves control and make transitioning from novice to advanced easier when removing the center fin. Added rocker makes these Angels perform better on today’s bigger wakes. Diamond Bat-tail Shape 130, 135 & 139cm Aggressive Continuous Rocker Three position M6 Inserts Precision PU Core Dura-Glass Layup D-I-S-C Hull w/ Edge Channels Double Concave V At Ends Variable Edge Rail Warped Molded-In Side Finsw/ Removable Center Fin Designed for all 6” Bindings Bindings SizeLengthWidthRockerStance RangeRider WeightRocker TypeCore 130 60 - 110 lbs 27 - 50 kg 135 80 - 150 lbs 36 - 68 kg 139 110 - 190 lbs 50 - 86 kg The all new 2020 Plush is the perfect binding for all beginner to intermediate riders looking for a comfortable yet stable fit they can rely on to...
Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard w/ Index Bindings 2019
TRIP   "WE'RE STILL TRIPPIN'..." MORE POP MORE CONTROL MORE HEIGHT MORE FUN... Twenty years ago, Liquid Force changed the definition of what a wakeboard should be with the original Trip. At the X Games in San Diego, Gregg Necrason piloted a radical new shape that featured a wider nose and tail than any board before. The Trip had six small ns with a quad set placed close to the rails to provide hold on such a wide board. The boost this new design provided paved the way for all future riding. From pros to novices, everyone rode better on a Trip. The wider planshape and small rail ns made turns quicker and jumps higher, while the extra rocker and innovative hull design made landings softer. Our Trip series quickly became the most popular wakeboard ever built. As our sport progressed, boat wakes got bigger and boards evolved. We redesigned...
Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard w/ Rant Bindings 2019
FURY The Fury is all about helping kids progress and improve their riding. As they grow, the boards grow with them. The 115 (not available in DREAM) has mellow 3-stage rocker with a soft edge, the 120 features a more aggressive 3-stage rocker with a subtle sharpness to the edge, and the 125 has an aggressive rocker with a sharper edge for that larger wake. The Fury and Dream will help take your groms riding to the next level. Continuous Rocker on 115 And 120 3-Stage Rocker on 125 D-I-S-C Hull Through Center Into Slight V Low Volume Rails With Concave Beveled Edge (Softest Edge On 115, Progressively Sharper From 120 To 125) Vee Tip Channel Deep Molded-In Quad Fins (Fins Progressively Grow And Get Sharper From 115 To 125) IPX™ Compatible Only Size Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight Core 115 45.3" 115.0 cm 14.9" 37.8 cm 2.0" 5.0 cm 14.0"...
CWB Faction Wakeboard
$200.00 $499.99
FACTION The Faction is an all new shape for 2016; redesigned to add versatility while maintaining the same feel that riders have loved over the years. A shallow channel through the center of the board gets slightly deeper toward the tip and tail. This keeps the board fast and maneuverable and provides just the right grip while on edge. A shallow center spine eases landings while setting the board flat on features. Four bolts on fins are easy to remove in case you want to take a lap at the park.       FEATURES Made in the USA Pro Core Variable center channel Shallow spine Continuous rocker Four 1'' bolt on fins Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced SPECS 137cm 142cm Center Width 17.05'' 17.25'' Tip/Tail Width 11.96'' 12.10'' Rocker Shape Continuous Continuous Rocker Height 2.85'' 2.95'' Rider Weight      Up to 160 lbs.      150lbs. and up  

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