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Ronix Vision with Vision Wakeboard Package 2024

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$449.99 - $449.99
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Ronix Vision with Vision Wakeboard Package

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Closed Toe Wakeboard Bindings - Kid's

Vision Wakeboard

Designed with stability and progression in mind, Ronix's Vision Wakeboard Package is made for modern riders. Unlike other board sports, wakeboarding requires an unbalanced position, driving a unique shape with asymmetric features for the next generation of shredders. The thinner, sharper rail on toeside edges creates a more confident ride, while the fuller vertical rail on heelside adds top water speed. Plus, extra volume on the ends helps you get lift off the wake. Grom Glass offers a more responsive feel and less weight in the air. And with a rockerline designed to help you find a neutral balance, all that's left is the glow in the dark images to behold.

Vision Wakeboard Bindings

Calling all young rippers — the Vision Wakeboard Bindings are here to take your riding to new heights! Built on our adaptive MainFrame chassis, the Vision Pro packs powerful performance and comfort into a kid-sized package. Step up your game with the closed-toe design and premium features of this ultimate wakeboard package!


Vision Wakeboard
+ Construction – Modello
+ Riding Style – Boat Entry Level / Intermediate
+ Energy – Stored Energy 3
+ Rocker – 3-Stage
+ Fins - 2 - 1.7” Hook Fins

Vision Wakeboard Bindings
+ MainFrame Kid’s Technology
+ AutoLock Technology
+ Stage 1 Liner
+ Classic S.O.L.E.

Size Chart

Ronix Vision with Vision

3-Stage Rocker Wakeboard + Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings - Kid's 

Wakeboard Size Chart

120 2.4 14-20 15.8 674 Up to 95

Bindings Size Chart

K2-6 1.5-5.5 33-38 21.5-24.5
5-8.5 4-7.5 37-41.5 23-26.5