Wakeboard Terrain

Rocker Line


Liquid Force POD Wakesurf Board 2017
The POD is our newest high performance surf shape designed to let you fly! The unique full diamond shape lets you ride a shorter, more maneuverable board that still has plenty of volume to keep you gliding. The POD comes equipped with our new Carbon side fins that give the board the ability to handle high speed direction changes and rip apart any wake thrown at it. A dual layer deck featuring our Innegra and Vector Net reinforcements make sure the board is sturdy underfoot and prepared for landings as you take your airs to another level! Vector Net Reinforced Tail... Top And Bottom Innegra Reinforced Front Foot Area CNC EPS Foam Core With Stringer Single To Double Concave Vee Hull Square Grooved Multi-Zoned EVA Front And Rear Pads Quad Fin Set-Up- 2 High Performance Carbon Side Fins & 2 Stubbie 2.0 Rear Fins Length Width Rocker Volume Rider Weight...
Liquid Force Shane Dose Wakeboard 2017
Shane has been riding for LF for over 20 years and during that time he has ridden almost every type of board in every type of condition. Rather than carrying a “quiver” with him on his travels, he prefers a board that can handle any condition and the DOSE is just that board. Most recently Shane has been riding more park than boat, so this board is made with more flex throughout than a typical boat board. This is especially true in the nose and tail of the board which features the liquid rail Flex Zones giving the board a more sensitive feel on rails. The bottom is clean without channels and features a single to triple concave off the tips which provides lots of speed around corners or into wakes. When Shane is riding behind that boat, he prefers to put on the quad fins that provide more stability...
Ronix ONE Timebomb Wakeboard 2017
ONE-TIMEBOMB For the past 17 years, nobody has defined the progression of a classic 3-stage rocker more than Danny Harf and his signature series. His latest bestseller takes an explosive snap and adds Speedwalls. Having less resistance with the water means less strain on your body, giving longer boat sessions and increased top water speed. New for 2017, with a core featuring I-Beam Construction that ignites like no other. KEY FEATURES: • 3-Stage Rocker• Speedwalls• Deeper Side Vents• 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins• Danny Harf Pro Model
Ronix Blender Wakesurfer 2017
BLENDER The Blender combines several ingredients of our most popular models. Want the stability of a longboard, the added boost off the lip from a Powertail, and the sharpest rail for the strongest edge hold available? Overall it rides similar to a Powertail – but comes with a sharper edge for a quicker reacting edge response. A shape that can really hook up on rail when you want it to, yet has more surface area for that toes on the nose stability, a super wide tail platform for effortless airs, and our most responsive construction. Now you’ll have a new bucket list of aerials to check off. KEY FEATURES: BOARD SPECS• Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick• Ronix exclusive Fin-S 2 System• Fiberglass cupped asymmetrical fins– 1 symmetric 3.5” and 2 asymetric 4”• Handmade by Robots• Vacuum bagged with epoxy resin