CWB Board Co.

CWB offers unique innovations in the wakeboarding market and continues to produce some of the most rider friendly products available, ensuring that no matter what board, boot or surfer you grab, you are guaranteed to have a blast. Shop our large selection of CWB Board Co. equipment here.
CWB Mike Dowdy Bindings 2015
$234.99 $429.99
Mike Dowdy is pushing the sport of wakeboarding to a new level. His technical, clean style has been turning heads since he arrived on the scene. When designing a boot he wanted something that was supportive, responsive and comfortable. To accomplish this we designed the MD boots to be stiff with lots of high ankle support giving you unmatched board response.  Designed by Mike Dowdy Tallest, stiffest boot in CWB line Infinity plate for lightest strongest foundation Impact strap integrated to lace Cush liner with shock pads Deep heel pocket with built in achillies pads Sizes: XS (6-8), S (8-9), M (9-10), L (10-11), XL (11-12), XXL (12-13)
CWB Faction Wakeboard 2016
$209.99 $499.99
FACTION The Faction is an all new shape for 2016; redesigned to add versatility while maintaining the same feel that riders have loved over the years. A shallow channel through the center of the board gets slightly deeper toward the tip and tail. This keeps the board fast and maneuverable and provides just the right grip while on edge. A shallow center spine eases landings while setting the board flat on features. Four bolts on fins are easy to remove in case you want to take a lap at the park.       FEATURES Made in the USA Pro Core Variable center channel Shallow spine Continuous rocker Four 1'' bolt on fins Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced SPECS 137cm 142cm Center Width 17.05'' 17.25'' Tip/Tail Width 11.96'' 12.10'' Rocker Shape Continuous Continuous Rocker Height 2.85'' 2.95'' Rider Weight      Up to 160 lbs.      150lbs. and up  
CWB JT Wakeboard Bindings 2015 Size 11-12
$209.99 $349.99
Josh Twelker has more style in his little toe than most wakeboarders have in their whole body. To help him tweak and poke his board he needs a boot that is supportive but flexible. The JT boot is built with key flex points that allow more side to side movement while still maintaining heel to toe responsiveness. These boots are so comfortable all you need to do is step into a pair to understand why the JT boots have been the most popular pro boot in our line for years.   Infinity plate for lightest strongest foundation Impact strap integrated to lace Cush liner with shock pads Deep heel pocket with built in achillies pads Mesh panel construction for weight reduction Dual lace design Flexible design for poking Gorilla grip Sizes: XL (11-12)
2016 CWB Standard Wakeboard
$199.99 $599.99
THE STANDARD When designing his pro model Josh wanted a board that was fun for anyone to ride, but also let him push the limits of what he does on the water. We started with a continuous rocker pattern for an easy-going natural carving board and added very subtle bottom features to maintain board speed and maneuverability. The tip and tail have a thin profile and are equipped with V-Tech to absorb energy on landings in the flats. Four bolt on fins are designed to release easily off the wake like molded fins but are removable for trips to the park. We're not saying riding The Standard will give you Twelker's style, but it's not going to hurt.       FEATURES Designed and ridden by Josh Twelker Pro Core Subtle channels and lifted rail Wide throughout for pop Forgiving V-Tech in tip and tail Continuous rocker Four adjustable bolt on fins...
CWB Lotus Wakeboard 2015
$167.99 $239.99
CWB Lotus Wakeboard  2015 The CWB Lotus Wakeboard is one of the most versatile in the CWB lineup, allowing beginners to quickly progress into more advanced riders without losing any performance. This is due in part to the removable center fin, which tracks and creates stability for first-time wakeboarders, but once removed, provides the Lotus with a looser, "pro-level" feel. A spine down the middle displaces water on landings for softer impacts, while also making edge to edge transitions ultra-fast. From beginner riders to advanced riders looking for an ultra-versatile board, the CWB Lotus Wakeboard can handle it all.
CWB Pure Wakeboard 141 cm 2016
$149.99 $299.99
PURE The Pure is back for 2016! This board is highly regarded as our most user friendly shape ever. It's easy to learn on but won't hold you back as you develop your riding. In fact Mike Dowdy rode a pure up until he got his own pro model. The mellow 3-stage rocker pattern is blended for the perfect combination of predictability and pop off the wake. The base features long molded fins and rail channels that help the board track. A removable 1.9       FEATURES Easy stable ride for beginners System 80 Core Full length center spine Enhanced edge channel for stability Subtle 3-stage rocker Long base molded fins w/ removable center fin Designed for: Beginner/Intermediate SPECS 130cm 134cm  141cm Center Width 16.50'' 16.90'' 16.90'' Tip/Tail Width 9.00'' 10.09'' 10.09'' Rocker Shape Subtle 3-Stage Subtle 3-Stage Subtle 3-Stage Rocker Height 2.50'' 2.80'' 2.95'' Rider Weight      Up to...
$134.99 $179.99
PRO ROLLING BOARD BAG CWB  PRO ROLLING BOARD BAG CWB 2017 Accommodates multiple boards and gearFully padded air travel protectionDual lockdown straps with heavy duty bucklesThree padded grab handles for easy accessSuper duty rolling wheels for effortless maneuveringLarge zipper pockets for extra storage  
CWB Optima Wakeboard Bindings 2016
$99.99 $179.99
OPTIMA Ease of entry, comfort and style are what the Optima boot is all about. The lycra lined heel and toe make the boot easy to step in and a single lace system encloses the boot around your foot like it was molded just for you. This is a super light design that fits a wide variety of sizes. Easy to use open toe boot Thick EVA footbed Lycra lined molded heel and toe Single lace design Gorilla grip 6-Plate Sizes: XS (1-4), S/M (5-8), L/XL (9-13)
CWB JT Wakeboard Bindings
$262.49 $349.99
NO RETUERNS ON THIS ITEM No one can ride like Josh Twelker but everyone will enjoy riding his pro model JT boot. Designed with specific flex points to promote side-to-side tweakability while maintaining heel-toe responsiveness. Grabbing and poking your board is the best way to add individual style to your riding. Built on the industry's best fitting, lightest weight, strongest plate the JT boots are the ultimate connection between you and your board. Designed by Josh Twelker High support w/ key flex points Infinity plate for lightest, strongest foundation Impact strap integrated to lace Cush liner with shock pads Deep heel pocket with built in achillies pads Dual lace design Gorilla grip Sizes: XS (6-8), S (8-9), M (9-10), L (10-11), XL (11-12), XXL (12-13)
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