2018 Gear

2018 Wakeboard Gear

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Ronix Parks Aircore 3.0 Wakeboard 2018
$359.99 $599.99
PARKS: AIRCORE 3 ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT IGNITION Parks Bonifay’s hard charging, quick reacting rail design for riders that want instantaneous response on the water, along with a camber rocker line. Camber naturally puts you in more of a neutrally balanced weight distribution – allowing you to drive off the wake with both legs in a more ergonomically balanced body position. Last year we fully redesigned our only men’s camber series with greatly increased glide speed and less drag on the water, a new Air Core featuring I-Beam Construction, and a thinner tip/tail for less swing weight and our fastest rail to rail design. Thought you knew everything a wakeboard could do? Camber is the biggest development in riding since Herb O’Brien made the first fiberglass wakeboard. FEATURES: Camber Sharp Rail / Soft Bevel Increased Sidecut 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins Parks Bonifay Pro Model Size(CM)...
Liquid Force Timba Wakeboard 2018
TIMBA “This is definitely the board for me and all the other continuous rocker board riders!”… Tom Fooshee CNC Milled Full Wood Core D-I-S-C Double inside Single Concave Hull Triax Glass Layup M6 Inserts Continuous Rocker Concave Beveled Rail Radiused Liquid Rail Edge Exclusive Sintered Grind Base RX Quad Fin Setup  
Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight Wakeboard 2018
QUARTER ‘TIL MIDNIGHT: A BOARD WITHOUT ANY RIDING STYLE Last year we came up with this versatile Quarter ’Til Midnight that can be ridden free of any stereotypes. Finally a women’s board that adapts to the rider instead of having the rider change to the board’s traits. Touch the sky with a smooth, fast glide on the water and a predictable snap off the wake. The always consistent takeoff and an ever evolving shape to your style. FEATURES: Universal Rocker Secret Flex G&R Technology 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins Size(CM) Rocker(Style) Height(Inches) Stance(Inches) Center(Inches) Surface(Inches) Weight(LBS Range) 129 CONT./3STAGE 2.4″ 18.5″-24.5″ 16.4″ 774 Sq In Up To 175lbs 134 CONT./3STAGE 2.5″ 19.5″-25.5″ 17.2″ 803 Sq In Up To 185lbs
Ronix Darkside Wakeboard 2018
$311.99 $519.99
Ronix Darkside Wakeboard DARKSIDE: INTELLIGENT 2 3-STAGE MEETS SNOWBOARD STYLE TAKE OFF The ultra-smooth, delayed take-off counterpart to our other 3 stage series – the One board. In nearly 30 years of making wakeboards, we have never developed a boat board with such a stored energy takeoff as this new Darkside. A new shape that gives you that vertical/explosive takeoff of your favorite 3 stage board – but is designed for riders that have patience driving up the wake for more of a tail heavy lift – or just want a smoother take off and more feedback and control on the water with our all wood/urethane constructed Intelligent 2 Core. A chance to ride your wakeboard like a snowboard.  FEATURES: 3-Stage Rocker Speedwalls Intelligent 2 Core The smoothest riding wood board we’ve ever created 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins Dean Smith Pro Model  Size(CM)...
Ronix Limelight Wakeboard 2018
LIMELIGHT: CAMBER THE MOST ADVANCED WOMEN’S SPECIFIC BOAT BOARD What would happen if we took our 2 hottest features and threw them in a blender? The combination of camber and the speed of our One board created the Limelight by Dallas Friday, our most advanced boat riding board to date. Now a rider drives off the wake using both legs, with a more powerful but centered snap. Because of the growing trend towards faster boards, the revolutionary Limelight was designed to ride higher on the water than any women’s board we have ever tested so that you don’t have to create an unneeded, exaggerated angle to get the lift. FEATURES: Speedwalls G&R Technology Camber Secret Flex 4 Alloy 1.0” Ramp Fins & Fiberglass .8” Free Agent Fins'   Size(CM) Rocker(Style) Height(Inches) Stance(Inches) Center(Inches) Surface(Inches) Weight(LBS Range) 132 CAMBER 2.3″ 19.5″25.5″ 16.8″ 759 Sq In Up To 160lbs 136 CAMBER 2.9″...
Hyperlite Riot Nova Wakeboard 2018
$449.99 $749.99
RIOT NOVA “When I started the RIOT project with Aaron I had a precise vision for how my pro model would ride and I couldn’t be more stoked, we nailed it” –Noah Flegel The RIOT project began as Noah was looking for a shape that would transition quickly from edge to edge, build speed on approach and release cleanly from the wake to initiate every trick. The Variable Beveled Edge returns to flat over the last 10 inches providing the speed and clean release. Between the inserts the bevel is enhanced delivering the forgiveness needed when learning new tricks. The Riot incorporates the thinnest profile ever seen for hitting the wake and swing weight is truly minimal. This profile also provides a lively feel as the board has some flex creating massive pop. The Dual Concave under foot assists with soft landings transitioning to a Single Concave exiting the tip and...

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