• Jul 14, 2017
  • by Ross Villarino

For many of us, the hardest part of learning to wakeboard is getting up on the wakeboard itself. That’s why we are sharing the step-by-step process and tips on how to get up on a wakeboard.

The Steps for Getting Up on Wakeboard:

  1. Make sure the wakeboard rope is at a prime length. Do this by drawing in the rope as short as it can go.
  2. Get in the right position.
    1. Get on your back and curl up in a ball.
    2. Hold your knees to your chest, like being in a fetal position on your back. Yes, you’ll be floating in some water.
    3. Have your arms be straight, holding that rope.
    4. Check that your feet (and toes!) are flexed.
    Once you’re in that position? It’s on to the next step.
  3. Tell the boat to hit it! It’s time to feel out the right position. Be prepared to apply pressure to your feet and to push that wakeboard away - while the boat is moving forward. It’s critical to lean into that fetal position while the boat drags forward.
  4. Feel out WHEN to stand on the wakeboard.
  5. Rather than try to stand up on a wakeboard immediately, give it a few moments. Everyone and every board is different, but, in general, let the boat drag for at least 10 seconds. Don’t try to stand up until the board is above the water. You need to wait till you’re above the water so the board can float across it. Once the boat has dragged you on top of the water and you feel ready, extend those legs. Think about it like this: Snowboarding has happen on top of and across the snow itself. Wakeboarding is no different, it must happen on and across the water. It’s like snowboarding on top of water.
  6. Stand Up on the Wakeboard Right. For positioning, the ideal stance is to have knees bent and back upright, while shoulders are up and in line over your hips. At the same time, you should be leaning slightly back, so your feet are the most forefront part of your body. Now, more about those feet. You can stand up on the wakeboard best when weight is distributed properly throughout your feet; this is usually:
    1. About 40% of weight on the front foot.
    2. About 60% of weight on the back foot.Go go go!
    3. Once your up, hold on to that rope, feel out that water and, most importantly, enjoy the ride.

Don’t Be Discouraged, Standing on a Wakeboard Takes Time

If you fall more than once, it may feel discouraging. However, remember this: Just about everybody falls multiple times before they ever stand up on a wakeboard successfully. It may take 4 or 5 times - maybe more, maybe less. But you will get there.

Here is the great news: Once you do stand up on a wakeboard, it’s like riding a bike: You’ll have the feel for it - and almost certainly be able to do it again. And again - and again!

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