Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard Review

If you are someone who is looking to step up your game behind the boat, and you want something that caters perfectly towards “your” style of riding, here’s a wakeboard I think may work for you... the

Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard

. This is a helluva beast of a board. I personally owned it a few years back and had the 2017 model, and loved it!


Then, I got to ride the One Timebomb from 2019. I can actually say that the changes in the board design that Ronix made, seriously woke up the board. What I mean by that is, Ronix’s freshly updated One Timebomb has a much stiffer construction than it ever has, and I can say that even though it already was a snappy, quick, fun, and playful board, it absolutely launches you up in the air when going wake to wake.

If you are someone who wants the biggest wake-to-wake jumps you can do, while still being on a playful board, that you can progress on, this is the board for you. I like to describe this board as being fast, but not too fast because of its aggressive 3 stage. I learned many tricks on the One Timebomb and the only reason I stopped riding it was because I wanted the Ronix RXT. :)

Ronix RXT Wakeboard Review

Now let me talk about one of the craziest board designs to ever be put into production, the Ronix RXT Wakeboard. I recently got rid of my One Timebomb, and sold it to a good friend. So, I figured I needed to save up a little more and buy this board to see what all the hype was about.

After I had saved up enough money to get it with a new pair of boots, I went out that next weekend. Holy s*$! is this wakeboard is insane! Since I was coming from a board with a 3 stage rocker, it was a bit weird transitioning from a different rocker board. But, I figured it out really quickly and boy did this thing like to fly.

The board was super easy to transition to since it is a continuous board. Another characteristic of this board people may like would be how fast it is. The Ronix One hands down is one of the fastest boards I’ve ridden. To add to that, the landings on this board are softer than the One Timebomb. This can be very important to the watersports crowd because I don’t think anyone wants to blow out their knees.

Comparing the Ronix RXT with the One Timebomb

To compare the Ronix One Timebomb and the RXT wakeboards with each other, I’d like to break it down to a few categories and tell you my opinion on which board does better.

For glide speed, the RXT has the One Timebomb beat. This is just because the continuous rocker on the RXT allows for it to glide through the water faster than the One Timebomb (the board with the aggressive three-stage rocker).

Now for the subject of pop, and which one gets you higher off the water. Personally, I felt I was going bigger on the RXT than I was on the One Timebomb. That may sound odd to the wakeboard crowd hearing that a continuous rocker board is going to give you more pop off the wake, but in this situation, I felt that the RXT beat the One Timebomb for the amount of pop the boards had.

I know I keep leaning on the RXT but there’s a reason for me doing that. It beats the One Timebomb every time when it comes down to things I like in wakeboards. The RXT has softer landings than the One Timebomb. I want to also add that the consistency of the RXT with every wake jump really makes you love the board.

Don’t go and cheap out on a board! Save yourself the trouble and time, and maximize your fun by picking up an RXT wakeboard. If you can’t get over the higher price point than you might want to consider the Ronix One ATR which is priced a little less than the RXT. But, I really would recommend that you save up for the Ronix RXT wakeboard. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. So check out the Ronix RXT Wakeboard for yourself!